Restaurants in the U.S are presenting Innovative dining experience

Spiegel Building Hamburg

Restaurant innovation is omnipresent, and you can find technological advances and forward-thinking menus. There is innovation in the cuisine, the service policies, the technology, and concept. Find a unique dining experience, if you are looking on the innovative side:

Sushi Yasuda, NYC
This is a Midtown Japanese high-end that is around for years. The beauty and the attraction are that their business is fresh as their fish. They do not accept tips from customers as per the Japan custom and pay their employees a living wage that appears to be included in the food price.

Senza, Chicago
A matchless place offering a seamless multi-course meal and not a right choice as it is very difficult for people working on dietary restrictions. The food is gluten free, and all the tasting menus reveal local ingredients and precise techniques. This restaurant is a café during day times offering Bridgeport Coffee and gluten-free bread, pastries, and cookies.

Taranta, Boston
This is a Peruvian-Italian end known to garnish plates in a unique style. These can be scanned using a Smartphone. The culinary versions are in squid ink drawn, while the surprise site code allows diners to trace the dish’s sourcing ingredients to try the recipe or even watch YouTube videos of even the tasty fish they must have had just now.

Here have the Jungle fish Amazone Paiche, white meat that is really tasty. The preparation keeps changing daily for this South America’s freshwater fish covered plate.

Oxheart, Houston
Here the vegetarian options are in plenty. It offers seasonal-tasting-menu that is nationally acclaimed as the restaurant to elevate ingredients such as radishes, turnips, okra, bok choy and many more names that you know and you will find Houston is better for it.

There are three tastings available to choose and if you wish to take the unique turn on vegetables and also enjoy the meat, try for $79 the full tasting menu.

Kitchen LTO, Dallas
Kitchen LTO provides ever-changing dining experiences in every four months. The cuisine alone does not change, it is the chef that also swaps out at that time, and you can see a complete change presenting a new interior design.

Chocovivo, Los Angeles
This place is all about chocolates sourced from a Mexico grower in Tabasco that they roast the cocoa nibs and sent and here the shop staff grinds the nibs like the days of the past. They do not add powder, additives or fillers, no tempering or over-processing.

Natural spice, dried fruits such as cherries and blood orange and nuts are added, while you have delicious, simple, dark chocolate in flavors such as sea salt and almond, cherry and black peppercorn, black sesame and goji berry, vanilla bean and coffee, tonka bean and blood orange. The chocolate-tasting bar is unique, and you can sample the different chocolates, same as wines.

Gather, Boston
Lunch is available through late night, and this sparkling space is a drink and dining spot. The Menu has a variety of cuisines, yet the Tom Yam Kung and pizzas especially the oxtail pie braised topped with smoked Gouda and truffled mashed potato are not to miss.

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