The Charms of Alcatraz Island

Alcatraz Island

Alcatraz Island is situated about a mile offshore from San Francisco, California in San Francisco Bay Area. This limited Island was used previously as a federal prison and a military fortification from the year 1934 till 1963. After that, a group of Native Americans settled in this island and in the year 1986 it was titled as a National Historic Landmark and the National Park service took reign over it. This Island is easy to reach by a ferry departure from San Francisco Bay. The ferry rides under the name of Alcatraz Cruises are the official transport to the Island. The measurement of the Island is relatively small, about twenty-two acres of land. The Alcatraz Island has some perplexing history- related charms which never fails to attract people with curiousness for the federal power of the United States and attractions related to the famous Civil War.

History: Julian Workman, a Spaniard, was the first person who documented this island in the year 1775. Later, the former US President Millard Fillmore declared it as a military reservation. This place was also a bounty full position in the Civil War. On this Island, there is an abandoned military prison for the civil war prisoners. In 1933, this prison became a federal prison and it was used to hold troublesome prisoners who continuously were reported to escape. This place was used as a prison for almost thirty years and during that era, many infamous criminals of America spend time in there.

Tourist Components: the island is housing one of the most aged lighthouses on the San Francisco Bay and containing old military prisons with a history of notorious criminals, Alcatraz Island attractions thousands of tourists to explore the historic charms of the island, as well enjoy the breathtaking views of the ocean. This location supports self-guided tours, and also offers guided tours by the National Park Service. The tours vary on distinctive topics such as escapes, American Indian occupation, military history, and the natural topography. There is a free roam situation without time limit because there is a ferry every half an hour that departure from the Island. There are many historic exhibits and audio tours including the iconic Lighthouses for the bird-eyes of the region. The ferry rides also include a brief history and introductory speeches varying on the time of the ride (this facility is available in the evening departures). Some of the portions of the Island are accessible during the day and not at night due to some safety concerns. Recently, the Island has been home to some spellbinding pieces of arts which express the human rights and others like an exhibition represented the famous political prisoners.

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