Italy Airways Introduces New Dining Option

Qatar Airways backed Air Italy has today announced that they’re rolling out some positive improvements to their business class flights. I got the opportunity to fly Air Italy from Boston to Milan not long after they started their services, and was amazingly inspired — the administration was inviting, food was amazing, and services first class.

The carrier has announced a new dinning option for business class, which harmonizes with the aircraft propelling flights from Milan to Los Angeles today. The new business class feature will be introduced for other flights over the coming weeks.

With this changes, Air Italy is presenting new tableware, and furthermore is introducing food on demand.

Air Italy’s COO, Rossen Dimitrov said:

“We are extremely delighted to begin the rollout of our new Business Class product and service today as we simultaneously celebrate the launch of our new service from Milan Malpensa to Los Angeles. Featuring newly-designed contemporary tableware, in-flight dining menus, cutlery and chinaware that have all been specially crafted to meet our travelers’ high expectations, we are confident that this new product will elevate their experience on board our aircraft. At the same time, we will also be introducing our dine-on-demand service, meaning our customers can choose what they want to eat, and when they want to eat from our new menus which are also being unveiled today. All of this will make for an even more sophisticated and memorable travel experience in Business Class with Air Italy – and it will very shortly be followed up by the rollout of our new Economy Class product and service.”

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