Walt Disney World – the American Most Visited Entertainment Complex

Walt Disney World

The Walt Disney World is a dream-come- true for the fun-seeking visitors. It is a massive entertainment complex brimming with charismatic activities and a variety of Walt Disney attractions. Walt Disney World is the country’s most renowned entertainment complex stationed at the Lake Buena Vista city in Orange County, Florida. Opened in the year 1971, Walt Disney World attracting millions of tourists from all over the globe. It is entirely operated by the Walt Disney Parks & Resorts, a division of the Walt Disney World Company. The Walt Disney World covers a hefty piece of land about twenty-seven thousand acres full of breathtaking rides, exhibits, eateries, and much more for all the ages. The renowned Walt Disney World attractions include the resorts, water park, theme park, camping resorts and several other alluring features. Walt Disney World is one of the most visited locations in the country attracting a bulk of people over fifty million visitors annually. This entertainment complex is entirely run by the Walt Disney.

The Charms of the Walt Disney World
Planning a vacation to the Walt Disney World is perfect in any season or at any time of the year. It houses over several thousand Walt Disney attractions from the Magic Kingdom Park to the Cinderella Castle and everything in between like the notorious Cirque du Soleil and Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon Water Park, there is abundant fun and things to explore. Among all of them, the Cinderella Castle is the most visited and renowned; it is a signature spot for the people visiting Walt Disney World. It is home to all the magical thoughts produced by Disney Animations. The Disney World also provides with other gratifying tourist spots including the Cirque du Soleil, which is one of the largest circuses in the world and people seem to find amusement out of it since it showcases magnificent stunts and performances. The Walt Disney World offers resort area and guesthouses along with camping grounds just in case the visitors feel compacted in the wanderlust of the Disney’s magical world. There are also a number of fun rides in the water park which is what the whole Disney World is about, the charms of Disney world themes. Despite the water parks, theme parks, and resorts, witnessing the Disney’s Hollywood Studios is also a mesmerizing experience. In a case some peaceful mindsets arrive here, there are golf courses likely to appeal people. This makes the Walt Disney World a place for every interest.

Construction of the Walt Disney World
After the opening of the Disneyland in California, the company – Walt Disney Enterprises was looking to build another Disney wonderland entertainment complex. The company urged to occupy a massive land area to upsurge the number of visitors. When the company witnessed the potential of the state Florida and the network of roads – they decided to buy nearly twenty-seven thousand acres of land in Orange County. Finally, it was built and opened in October 1971. The Walt Disney World was later announced as the “Greatest Tourists Attraction in the History of Florida”.

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