Importance of Quincy Market in Boston’s History

Quincy market

Quincy Market, located in downtown Boston near the Faneuil Hall is a favorite attraction spot for locals and the tourists. The market is abundant with a wide array of food stops and shops that have made the tourists come in flock and shop around. Quincy Market got its name from the mayor, Josiah Quincy, who is responsible for constructing this 535 feet long market without taking any tax or debt from the residents. During the early years in Boston, the commercial revolution took place and demanded a certain spot where businessmen could do their business and locals could come and shop around. Originally the location was a bit small for any commercial events to take place. Therefore, a demand for building a commercial zone arises that’s when the Quincy Market came into being, and it has been a favorite spot for the locals residents as well as the tourists ever since.

Let’s go a little backward on the wheel of time:
In early 1822, the demand for commercial zone reached the sky, keeping the needs of the people in mind, Mayor Josiah Quincy took a valuable step that will shine his name for centuries. He started the construction of the Quincy Market without any help from the taxes and debts the Quincy Market with two tall stories tall building and wide as 535 feet was finally opened for the valuable people of the Boston. Originally, a big number of food vendors turned to the Quincy Market and started their business for various food corners. After some time, business owners started different business apart from the food, and from the business point of view, it was a good step for a lot of people nowadays turn to Quincy Market for their everyday shopping.

A prime location for tourists to grab a souvenir:
This long rectangular shaped big hallway is providing a valuable spot for shopping and food to the people of Boston since the start of 1800 and has been doing just that to the present day ever since. A big number of touring agencies are providing a tour to their clientele to learn the history and the importance of Quincy Market in the Boston history. Tourists come here to grab a souvenir and try the quality Mexican food since there is a lot of Mexican food vendors that has made Quincy Market their prime location to do business.

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