America’s top 10 best beaches

Americ's Beaches

The US has lots of best beaches offering diverse scenes that you can choose the best spot for this and next vacations to come. The beaches boast of pleasant waters, smooth sand and for more clarification here are the Americas top 10 best beaches to help you in getting the ball rolling to the beaches.

Hawaii – The Big Island
Big Island is known by this name for its offerings are in plenty and so are the beaches. Visitors can find geologic oddities such as green sand and stunning natural wonders. The Kua, Hapuna or Kaunaoa Bays offer serene sands ensuring the best island getaway.

Travelers coming from far and wide also visit Maui for its uncompromising geography and diverse attractions.Do not miss the Kaihalulu burgundy-hued sands and try surfing.

Outer Banks
OBX’s offers plenty of options for unobstructed photo options. The waves are peaceful and calm for all levels swimmers, thereby relax during your vacation, but without fail before entering the water in the beach, check the swimming conditions.

Honolulu – Oahu
Oahu is a popular Hawaii tourist destination, and its white-sand sprawling beaches are admirable. It is scattered throughout the island’s coastline, and there are highly praised shorelines, including the Waikiki Beach offering safe swimming conditions and caters to families.

Miami Beach
Miami Beach is famous among tourists as it caters to relaxation seekers and party- hungry beachgoers. Enjoy your days soaking at Lummus Park in South Beach or on the Haulover Beach Park quieter sands. Revel in the seaside entertainment at nightfall.

Destin has pure Appalachian quartz that the shores appear bright white. This attraction brings visitors to this waterfront locale that appears extraordinary.

Hilton Head
The pristine beaches here are an absolute retreat attracting people from far and wide to its golden sands, shopping area and dining options. The best place hinting luxury as the crowds is fewer, and the swimming conditions are calmer. Visitors can relax here, and it works as a stress buster.

Cape Cod
The breezy seaside is well known in Cape Cod, and this brings celebrities and influential politicos. However, do not imagine that Cape Cod is reserved or offers priorities only to glamor and glitz. Every visitor can revel in its relaxed and calm atmosphere of the National Seashore or Rail Trail or even visit Marconi, Nauset or Herring Cove Beach to enjoy some extra doses that is extraordinarily special.

Fort Lauderdale
Fort Lauderdale offers its travelers a laid back alternative. It stretches more than 23 miles, and this beach boasts of offering enough real estate that is relaxing to go around. You can also visit the South Beach that just takes a speedy down Route 1A.

South Padre Island
This island is a favorite sport for college students featuring beachfront hotels and affordable nightlife during spring. The South Padre Islands water is sparkling, rest of the time of the year and these wide beaches refer to have calmer crowds. The popular activity among visitors is windsurfing and kiteboarding.

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