California’s amazing, yet abandoned buildings

California's buildings

California houses the most amazing abandoned buildings. This may appear to be strange as a tourist attraction but is a real fun to see such abandoned buildings that are the favorites.

A house near Mission Soledad
This is an abandoned house in Monterey County in Soledad. The house is near Mission Soledad. It was founded in 1791 by the Franciscan order aiming to convert the Native Americans to Catholicism. Some of the first efforts were the Spanish missions by Europeans to colonize the Pacific Coast of America.

Treasure Island Bowling Alley in San Francisco
This is a human-made island created in 1936 and from the 1940s was a home to the U.S. military until its abandonment. The Treasure Island houses an abandoned cinema, lots of army barracks and swimming pool. The Alcatraz Island view in the distance also gives Treasure Island an eerie feel.

Building #6 in the Port of San Francisco
This is merely referred to as Building #6. It is located at the Port of San Francisco in the Pier 70 area and was once employed earlier for ship building during WWII. It is now left abandoned after the 1989 earthquake; this was also the time that left nearly 3,000–12,000 San Franciscans homeless. Now, the same Building #6 is illegally used by graffiti artists.

The Saloon in Bodie
Bodie, once a booming town that was known for its gold mines was flooded with prospectors. However, now Bodie is known as a ghost town ‘wild west’ and attracts every year nearly 200,000 tourists. Guests coming here can walk around the Bodie deserted streets and also peer into buildings and houses, including the saloon. Visitors will be amazed to see the interiors as they are left as it is deserted back in the 1910s early times.

Tagus Ranch in Tulare
The Tagus Ranch opened its doors in 1912. This was a spectacular place that hosted live music, theater and offered cocktails, plenty of varieties of food and a place to stay for the night. It was popular and was well known to be one of the best restaurants in America. In fact, by the end of WWII, Tagus Ranch was the only one that served as a German POW camp in Tulare.

Eagle Mountain High School in Desert Center
The 1983 class was the last set of students to graduate from Eagle Mountain High School located in Desert Center. It was boarded up and closed for students who wished to move to Palo Verde High School that was located in Blythe. The Desert Center population right now is hardly 200 and so. This was a town founded by ‘Desert Steve’ Ragsdale in 1921.

Spotting stations on the Pacific Coast
This spotting post looks out from California across the Pacific Ocean. This is one among the two spotting posts. The men who manned these stations used azimuth scopes to understand and calculate the distant enemy ships bearings. They were authorities on recognizing the silhouettes of the ships even from a far distance.

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