The Charms of Independence Hall, Philadelphia–USA

Independence Hall, Philadelphia

Independence Hall is located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, built in the year 1753 in a Georgian architecture style. It is considered the birthplace of America.This hall is the main tourist attraction in Philadelphia. This is the building where both United States declaration of independence and United States constitutions were debated and adopted. This hall offers a great scenic and artistic view of both locals and international visitors. The design of the flag of United States of America was also agreed upon herein 1777.The architect was Edmund Woolley who received help from Andrew Hamilton, a well-known Philadelphia lawyer. The latter is often credited for the design of the Independence Hall but he probably only supervised the construction. The brick Georgian building with a tall wooden steeple was completed in 1756.

From May to September of 1787, the Constitutional Convention was held in Independence Hall; the Convention, or series of meetings and debates, was held to revise the Articles of Confederation. During that summer, the delegates to the Convention eventually drafted the United States Constitution. Within Independence Hall’s Assembly Room, the Constitution was debated, ratified, and signed on September 17, 1787; the date is now celebrated as Constitution Day. Independence Hall is authentic in terms of its form and design, materials and substance, and location and setting, exterior elements of hall structure and design are original. The interior of the independent hall is as wonderful and charming as the exterior of the hall.

The building has undergone many restorations during the rule of JohnHaviland and by a committee from national park service. People and stakeholders debated here for hours over the constitution of United States, his grace George Washington also contributed little in the debates of the constitution. By ever perception and estimate this independent hall in Philadelphia is responsible for a great nation. Due to hot days in summer windows were kept closed so others could not overhear the debates. The 45 acres national monument is the place for you to go if you are an enthusiast of history. There is a magnificent Liberty Bell installed on the left corner of the building. It weighs about 2080 pounds and is 12 feet long. The lowest chamber of the original wooden steeple was the first home of the liberty bell. It was rung the first time for the birthday of George Washington. The liberty bell was displayed on the ground floor of the hall from the1850s to 1976, in 2003 it was relocated in newly built hall liberty bell center and now it is displayed across the street in the liberty bell center.

Philadelphia is very modern and vigorous city, it is also the largest city in Pennsylvania, displays many characteristics of a small town. Nearly everywhere are memorable and dignified reminders of BENJAMIN FRANKLIN a native who left an unmatchable impact on the cultural and historic institutions of the city. It is considered where the nation was born and laws of the nation were debated by notables.

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