Texas – You Should Visit at least Once


Being a second largest state in the Southern US, Texas is widely known for its deserts, pine forests, and mainly, because of the Rio Grande, a river which borders with Mexico. Houston is Texas’s biggest city with a huge population and a lot of historical sites where art lovers can spend a splendid time. Dallas, another big city with a lot of visitors every year, also has many beautiful places which can make your trip worthwhile.

You cannot appreciate the fact that Texas is huge unless you have seen most of it. One of the major attractions in southwest Texas is the Big Bend National Park. Covering an area of over 1252 sq. Miles, this national park has a lot to offer. Being diverse and having breathtaking views, this park allows the visitors to make lifetime discoveries; laced with roads and trails, a tourist can see a lot in 2 to 3 days.

The Rio Grande and the Chihuahuan Desert are home to curious creatures and adaptable plants. The center of attraction of this national park includes the Chisos Mountains; this is where most of the visitors go to breathe some fresh air and take some time off from the city noise.

Another interesting place for the tourists to visit, in Dallas, is the Sixth Floor Museum which gives the opportunity to indulge in the world-changing events provided by an assassin in the former Texas School Book Depository which exhibits excellent facts and figures about the assassination of the former President John F. Kennedy and also provides an excellent historical context of JFK’s time as well as his life and legacy.

Apart from showing footages and audio clips, this museum offers the view through the window from which Lee Harvey Oswald fired upon the motorcade; giving you goosebumps throughout your stay at the museum.

Houston, as stated above, is the biggest city of Texas with beautiful historical sites. One of the major attractions of this city is the Museum of Fine Arts; blended with Post-1945 American and European paintings combined with the impression of French artists truly sparkle in this renowned prestigious royal palace of art, which includes significant works by Picasso and Rembrandt. While you visit this museum, do not miss out the heartwarming talents of the luminaries such as Rodin and Matisse in the associated Cullen Sculpture Garden across the street.

After a hectic day, meet your guide at The Cellar inside Georgia’s Market. You’ll then set out by foot through the Old Town Houston, coming across a few bars along the way. This special area of Houston is overflowing with attractive spots and authentic structures going back to the mid-1800s.

Your guide will inform you regarding the history and culture of the city as you visit up to four neighborhood bars and pubs, for example, Market Square Bar and Grill, Char Bar, the Line and Lariat Bar inside the Hotel Icon, Warren’s Inn, the Hearsay Gastro Lounge and La Carafe, a wine bar inside Houston’s most seasoned business buildings.

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