Toronto – Diverse and Colorful Canadian City


Toronto city is the Canada’s largest city that lies on the northern shores of Lake Ontario, not quite far from the US limits. It is the capital city of Ontario province and also the most populous one. It is a main economic and cultural center of the nation. The city is recognized by its multinational communities and international businesses as well as the Cosmopolitanism.

It is intersected by the many urban forests, rivers, and the green lands.  Toronto was founded by the British in the late seventeen hundreds, and the city was first named as the York. However, Toronto is now conceitedly identified as the Canadian city and it is a home to over two million peoples. This magnificent city entices tourists from all over the globe, and the sections of the city such as the Little Italy, Chinatown, and Greektown are just some samples of the city’s assortment.

Tourists can catch a glimpse of city’s iconic CN Tower from almost everywhere in the city; the iconic tower is known as one of the famous wonders of modern world. The city is best to explore in any season. Some of the Toronto’s favorite tourist’s attractions are as below:

Art Gallery of Ontario:
Architecture meets art in the Art Gallery of Ontario; constructed by the native architect Frank who used to visit the art gallery as a child. It’s the largest art gallery in the Canada, and it resides many varieties of art items including Baroque eras art, European art, Canadian art, African art, and as well as the modern and contemporary art.

Casa Loma
Casa Loma was the residence of a great Torontonian citizen Henry Pellatt, and now it is a tourist’s attraction. It is a must-see destination in Toronto city to step back in time to a European elegance and wonder. The building of Casa Loma was built in a charming neo-gothic style. It consists of five acres of gardens, and the building consists of twenty royal rooms with so many things to explore for the visitors.

Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada
It’s a huge aquarium located on the southeast of CN Tower in the downtown Toronto.  Ripley Aquarium holds thousands of aquatic species, and there are some fascinating underwater walkways among the wildly aquatic life. Nearly five hundred varieties of marine species are kept in this enticing aquarium. It is open for the tourists until the late night from late morning.

Hockey Hall of Fame
It’s a unique hockey museum at the Yonge Street. The museum depicts the history of ice-hockey, and it currently holds NHL shields, famous hockey player names, and their genuine hockey equipment. Visitors will enjoy exploring this unique museum and learn much more about the hockey. The building of the museum is built in a Victorian Gothic style with an outstanding attraction.

Toronto Islands
It is a combination of various small islands located on the western portion of Lake Ontario. Visitors can reach Toronto Islands through a ferry ride, and it is best for its breathtaking sight of the city with a peaceful and pleasant surrounding of nature. There are gardens, picnic points, and parks in the Toronto Islands. Explore the pleasing Toronto Islands in daylight.

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