The Charm of Montreal – Quebec


Montreal is one of the Canada’s most populous and vigorous cities, located in the largest French-speaking state of Quebec with a blend of historical exquisiteness and new world innovations. The city is steeped in both European-style and Canadian charm. French explorers first landed here in 1535 establishing fur trading posts, and the British seize the settlement in 1760, assuring in two centuries of culture and linguistic strife. Montreal is now one of Canada’s greatest urban centers with an impressive array of art, entertainment, and a sophisticated cuisine that demands a close look.

French and English influence mingles with a flourishing immigrant community to create such a surprisingly diverse city. To find your bearings your first stop should be the Saint Laurent Boulevard; it divides the city from east to west as well as the French and English-speaking neighborhoods. It’s a gateway to the city and a smack-bang in the middle of the plateau; one of the Montreal’s most vibrant neighborhoods. Above eighty nationalities call Montreal home, therefore it’s no wonder that it’s one of the great culinary destinations in North America. The climate of the Montreal city ranges from hot summers to the snowy winters providing several opportunities and fun things to do for the tourists.

At the base of Mont-Royal, Montreal’s very own mountains, you will find Tam-Tams, a drum festival, held on every Sunday afternoon throughout the summer. Visitors come from all around the city to join in on the drums or just enjoy the beats. However, throughout the winter seasons, visitors enjoy ice skiing at Olympic Stadium’s Mammoth Village. For a complete change of pace, make your way to the south of the city to the cobblestone street of the of Old Montreal where history lurks around in every corner.

The neighborhood’s most famous landmark is the Notre-Dame Basilica which was opened for the tourists in 1829; this neo-gothic church has a spectacular interior of ornate, unique-woods, pillars, and carvings made entirely by hand. Montreal is a vibrant and dynamic city with endless possibilities for any tourist.

Top Destinations of Montreal:

Montreal Botanical Garden: It is one of the largest botanical parks of the city located in the heart of Montreal, covering over 75 hectares of land. The park is open for the tourists from early morning until the sunset. The park contains greenhouses and thematic gardens to entice the tourists.

Montreal Biodome Museum: It was built as an environmental museum in the year 1992. The museum resides exotic animals from different worldly regions,and animals blend in museum’s human-made tropical forest and waterfall. Expert guides explain fascinating environmental facts and help the visitor to get a little closer to nature.

Chinatown: It is considered as the shopper’s paradise where everything is ornately decorated, depicting Chinese culture. It is popular for its variety of shops, restaurants, and varied entertainments.

Underground City, Montreal: The area is known for its underground walkways that will take the individuals to various stores, restaurants, convention halls, and commercial complexes. It is one of the most recommended destinations in the city to visit.

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