Visiting Vegas soon? 3 Must Watch Night Shows

Las Vegas, ‘The Entertainment Capital of the World’, is a mixed bag of lots of dream fantasy shows where everybody gets his taste and pleasure. If you have not experienced the town’s nightlife, your life is missing something highly valuable. While the collection is large for the locals, the people who visit the town for just a few days, it becomes hard to settle on which shows to must watch. That is why this article has the most favorite and most celebrated shows among the locals whose opinion about these fantasies has great importance. If you have spared a very good time to enjoy the nightlife and fantasy life of the town, below are given top 3 night shows you must watch before you leave the place.

 “O” Cirque du Soleil
This live dream fantasy is a sure way to be entertained, stunned and even dazed.

This extravaganza is accomplished by spending more than 70 million dollars. With 85 characters, 150 stagehands and a half million gallons of water to produce onstage pool, this live performance is unrivaled.

Contrary to many other Cirque du Soleil extravaganzas that focus on characters, “O” puts forth a string of matchless mesmerizing peeps of fantasy like series. Sometimes, the string has so much rush that glancing at everything becomes a hard nut to crack. Synchronized swimming scenes with incredible accuracy, acrobatic performance on a trapeze coming down onto the waters on the stage and dozens of varied performers hanging around the water onstage are the most amazing views during this show.

All of a sudden, 3 Subtracters of 60 foot come on the scene and death challenges divers to launch themselves into the water in harmony. A barge is shown floating in the heart of the stage with contortionist and acrobats.

Other breathtaking performances include fire dancers’ performance and flying carrousel. There is much remaining that you will love when you watch the show.

Blue Man Group
Another extraordinary night experience, Blue Man Group, is a group of men without language. They are three in black dresses with blue faces, earless and weird. They are a source of awe and humor simultaneously. Their universal appeal lies in their performance through special effects and gestures without speaking a single word.

Drum music and rock music are an essential part of their performance and become a source of their enthusiasm and high spirit during the whole show.

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