Why should you visit Stanford’s Library at least once this year?

It is hard to find people who aren’t familiar with the Stanford University. This is one of the reputable institutions of the world that makes up many brilliant students to excel in the different professions. It is a famous university because of their outstanding research conducting methods, results, and studious students. The academic library of Stanford University is the house of 20 other libraries. This sounds great but also make us feel amazed on the other hand. The primary reason for establishing twenty different libraries is to offer the books and valuable reading material in a variety of subjects. Have a look at some reasons to visit this library at least once in the twelve months.  

  • If you’ve never seen a large hall based on reading rooms, study spaces, conference rooms and meeting area, you should go to Green Library (one of the 20 libraries in Stanford University). You can get valuable information about conducting seminars, meetings, and many other related things by visiting this library.
  • People who’re interested in the history of the 20th century should visit Hoover Institution Library and Archives. All the studies and drafts based on the history of previous century are available in bulk in this library. It is also one of the twenty libraries of the University. The history lovers would find adequate information about different subjects in this library.
  • It is among the most diverse and largest academic library systems with thousands of digital resources, 6 million microform holdings, 75,000 serials, 1.5 million audiovisual materials, 1.5 million e-books and 260,000 special or rare books. This information is enough to make your heart skip a beat.
  • The library produces over 175 books in a year that is a large number for publishing the worth reading books. This point insists the visitors to give a review to such books at least once a year.
  • Many books were taken from the library system of Stanford University to share on Google (due to the collaboration of Google and Stanford University). You can read such books online with no fee. However, you can also visit the library to read such books.
  • Other than seeking knowledge, you can visit the university’s library to view the system of 20 small libraries. This sounds quite amazing, and once you pay visit to the place, you’ll also get the surprise because of such large area and various libraries all in a row.
  • The library that was badly ruined after the earthquake in 1906 is well-established and have got fully changed structure based on large area. Secondly, it has got a vast collection of reading material in different mediums in such a short span of time. The overall look and extension of this library in just a century have taken us by a big surprise.

These are the substantial and important reasons that can attract any visitor towards the Stanford University’s library at least once a year. You would now want to visit this library for sure.

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