The Best and Economical Sandwich Spots in Vancouver

The Best and Economical Sandwich Spots in Vancouver

Sandwiches are a staple part of the western diet for close to two centuries and to good reason, A good sandwich is a treat for everyone. At some point of time, each person would like a good sandwich. People living in Vancouver, Canada are no different. Regardless of whether a person is searching for a clubhouse sandwich, a grilled cheese sandwich, a baguette, a Panini, an egg salad or a reuben, what they wish will be offered. The primary characteristics of a sandwich are that it must be fresh and also tasty. Apart from being bad to eat, a dry and stale sandwich also spoils the mood of the person eating it. Vancouver offers some of the best spots so that people can have a good sandwich and relax themselves.

  1. Finch’s Tea and Coffee House located at 353, West Pender Street is a favorite for many Vancouver residents. This place offers a lot of meats and cheeses to choose from. People looking for a quick bite come over to the Finch’s Tea and Coffee House to have their favorite tasty sandwich. It is tough to describe these sandwiches as a person must taste them once to know why so many people visit this place.
  2. La Galleria Fine Food Delicatessen is another favored place to but tasty sandwiches in Vancouver. The sandwiches offered here are simply made in the European style and are often served on freshly made baguettes. The best thing about the sandwiches offered in La Galleria is that only the freshest of ingredients is used in all sandwiches. The restaurant, by itself, is small. However, in good weather, people wait in queues to get a taste of these sandwiches. People who are visiting North Vancouver need to head over to 3055 Highland Avenue and experience these unique sandwiches.
  3. The Delly is another of the various sandwich restaurants in Vancouver. It is located inside the SUB building within the University of British Columbia. This particular sandwich restaurant offers a student friendly setting and gives a taste of daily student life. The best part is that the sandwiches here are offered at reduced prices. The reduced prices and the excellent setting of the restaurant both provide The Delly with a steady crowd of customers. Sandwiches and other dining options are provided and hence, on any given day, a large number of faculty and students can be found inside the Delly.
  4. The Green City Sandwich Restaurant is another splendid place for eating sandwiches in Vancouver. Located at 1109, Homer Street, this restaurant is actually easy to miss unless a person is specifically looking for it. This friendly restaurant is only simple to look at. The sandwiches offered here are some of the best. Spotting this restaurant accidentally is a sign of good luck for a visitor. The owners of this restaurant are very friendly and take immense pride in making a tasty sandwich. The specialty of this restaurant is the Bugoki sandwich. This sandwich is made in the Korean style and most customers east this tasty sandwich heartily. So visitors to Homer Street need to remember to pay attention as they might miss this restaurant otherwise.
  5. La Grotta del Formaggio is one of the best sandwich restaurants in Vancouver. This restaurant has a reputation for a tingling sensation offered to the noses of every visitor who steps inside. A large variety of cheeses are available and a cheese aficionado can spend some time just savoring the aroma of each cheese. Such ingredients only add to the expectation of a customer and they are catered to. The Sandwiches are worthy of the time and money spent. These sandwiches need to be tasted once to realize their greatness. La Grotta del Formaggio is located at 1791 Commercial Drive, Vancouver and is easily one of the best restaurants in the city.

Vancouver even offers tasty sandwiches for prices less than $10. These offer a delightful and economic range of eating options for the people.

  • Fat Duck Mobile Eatery -4 is a cheap and excellent choice. The “Philly” style sandwich is made of juicy duck confit, pickled red onion, Swiss cheese and marinated mushrooms. Another favorite is the truffle Parmesan mayo. These are local crowd favorites.
  • Fat Duck Mobile Eatery -6 is another option for a tasty sandwich. Sandwiches are served with cranberry and pear chutney with a bacon preserve on top. The location of the Fat Duck Mobile Eatery-6 keeps varies with time. But on most weekday afternoons, they can be found near the Queen Elizabeth Theatre.
  • Eat Café is a favorite place among locals. Located in 2401, East Hastings Street, this restaurant is famous for its Montreal Smoked Meat Panini. This sandwich is made from mustard, caramelized onion and Swiss cheese. People can choose to have some potato chips in their sandwich, if they like to have a little crunch in their food.
  • Big Lou’s Butcher Shop is just what the name implies. It offers some of the best sandwiches in Railtown. The Sandwich counter offers a large variety. Some of the favorites here are Granny Apple coleslaw and Pulled Pork along with apple BBQ sauce.
  • Urban Fare offers an extensive choice of sandwiches. The best part is, it is actually a grocery store. The Prosciutto Grilled Cheese is a favorite for people visiting this place. Made using Fontina and Parmesan, grilled asparagus and crispy prosciutto and house-made sourdough bread, this sandwich is easily one of the best.

Railtown Café is a trendy eatery offering a scrumptious variety of sandwiches. The Chicken Club sandwich is made from warm chicken, bacon, fresh tomatoes, avocado and house-made focaccia bread and offers pure carb delight.

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