The Positives and Negatives of Living in Florida


With its glorious tourism and beautiful beaches, Florida is a dream destination for a lot of people. It is also the home to scorching summers, insects and some severe weather threats. Hence, a person needs to understand both the aspects of living in Florida before deciding to move to ‘The Sunshine State’.

The positives

  • The housing market is cheap in most parts of Florida with average purchase prices being close to fifty thousand dollars. This makes it easy for people to buy their own home in the state of Florida.
  • There is always some activity going on. People have a lot to choose from. They are offered golf, parks, beaches, swimming, snorkeling, theme parks, etc. Theme parks can be visited during the tourist season as well as during the off-season times. Disney World and Sea world are some of the best theme parks in the world and they are both situated in Florida. This is a completely different experience and is best felt only when a person resides in Florida.
  • Boasting itself as the ‘Sunshine State’, Florida’s weather is the envy of most other states. The yearly average is close to eighty degrees. Green trees can be found almost always. This is great news as people do not have to shovel snow from their driveways or any other place. In general, the weather here sufficiently warm. This beautiful weather makes the production of oranges possible.
  • The supposedly awful rainstorms in Florida are not as bad as they sound. They typically last for a couple of hours after which, the weather becomes pleasant again.
  • Florida has many hidden springs and underwater caves that are awesome during snorkeling.
  • Cape Canaveral is situated in Florida. This is the place that launches shuttles and other space crafts. This tourist attraction offers a different feel and Florida residents find it convenient to visit this place at their will.
  • The Everglades are another additional advantage of living in Florida. The nature and wildlife that one finds here is both mind-blowing and diverse.
  • The Morikami museum is a one of its kind American Museum. It is the only US museum to depict the Japanese culture.
  • Beaches are close by. Fans of water sports and sunbathing will love this particular feature.
  • A unique positive about living in Florida is that the state of Florida has no income tax. This enables the people to save a lot of money and is in a way responsible for lowering the prices of buying a new home.

The negatives

  • Residents believe that the “Sunshine State’ was intended towards the months of June, July and August. During this time, the weather becomes very hot humid. During such times, living in Florida becomes a problem.
  • Florida residents generally receive a larger number of guests than their family members or friends. This is because, everyone wants to visit Florida and hence, if they known a person who is staying nearby, they will at least make a short visit. This makes the residents desiring for a larger home which affects their mortgage.
  • Finding insurance for one’s home is a very tough task in Florida. After a person manages to find a home insurance company and a suitable plan, the next problem is that the insurance is generally too high.
  • If a person manages to avoid both these problems, the next issue is that he needs to have a proper and steady job. The job market in Florida is not very huge. So, managing to keep a steady inflow of money is a challenge by itself.
  • The weather is pleasant with an average temperature of eighty degrees. However, average temperature is not the norm. While the months of June, July and August are expected to have very hot climates, there is a huge potential for hurricanes in Florida. Most of them are hit and miss instances, but a resident of Florida should expect to deal with a hurricane anytime.
  • In Florida, any temperature below sixty degrees makes the entire region feel very cold. Sometimes the residents feel that the weather is freezing.
  • Another thing to take a serious note of is the insects. There are lots of water bugs, snakes, mosquitoes and other insects all over the state. These bugs have lived in the Florida climate all around the year. Hence, they are tougher. Alligators are a huge threat. While walking about, one must always keep a watchful eye.

Benefits to senior citizens

  • A lot of assistance is provided to senior citizens. Medicare, housing, retirement programs, employment, prescribed medicines, etc. are some of the many assistance that senior citizens can avail in Florida. A quick check online can show if a particular service can be availed for one’s age.
  • The state of Florida has several resource centers for senior citizens. These centers can be approached and inquired about the benefits senior citizens can avail from the state. Human interaction is better than getting information online or by means of a book. An employee gives a detailed and better insight. Along with this, human interaction is a good way to entertain oneself.
  • Job employments are offered to senior citizens. Senior citizens can also avail services that enable them to continue their individual life.

As with any other place, living in Florida has its own positives and negatives. A person needs to know both before making a decision.

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