Nova Scotia, Ideal Place For Families With Kids

Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia is a fun place for children to fall in love. The province’s parks offer campsites very comfortable for the little ones who are tired from fishing, beach combing, biking and many other Atlantic adventures. One such favorite place for adults and children alike is the National Historic Site and Kejimkujik National Park that is to the southwest of Halifax.  Kejumkujik is a paradise for canoeists. You can find the Mi’kmaq, the first inhabitants of this areas have left several petroglyphs.

The next beautiful place is the Shubenacadie Provincial Wildlife Park. It is 40 hectare and takes 40 minutes to reach from Halifax. Children are sure to love this place that allows exploring nature.  Nova Scotia’s wildlife parks are the solo places having Sable Island Horses. Shubenacadie Provincial Wildlife Park has exotic species of birds and mammals such as reindeer, black swans, bald eagles, black bear, coyote, red fox and many more animals. The walking trails are also much loved by adults and kids.

Amusement is loved by children. There is Atlantic Canada’s amusement parks, Upper Clements Park that is located to the west of Annapolis Royal. It offers live entertainment with 20 rides. It is also a big hit with kids and one of the star attractions is the Tree Topper Roller Coaster, Kiddie Bumper Boat Corral and three looped water slide.

Nova Scotia hotels are mostly equipped with children’s programs and this includes everything from bedtime snacks to stories, games, crafts, and several other outdoor activities. In fact, at Ingonish Beach Keltic Lodge Resort and Spa offers – a special kids’ program, ‘Keltic Kids’. The White Point Beach Resort has playhouse for children with daily activities.

The same goes with Dig by Pines Golf Resort and Spa. This resort organizes beach craft activities for children such as making garden stones, painting shellsand ocean treasure crafts.  Kids are sure to find a gold nugget and perfect strawberry to fill their baskets available in the lush Nova Scotian fields.

The fun filled experience is applicable even to the Westin Nova Scotian that offers versatile programs for children. There is kids club workout, scavenger hunts, divers activities for children, cupcake decorating and pajama parties. These programs are run by trained staff having sound knowledge of CPR, first aid and know to have fun with kids.

Vacation by the sea in Nova Scotia is exceptional.  Nova Scotia has more than 2100 miles of shoreline and few beaches, but not all beaches are friendly for people.

Nova Scotia’s beaches are in two types: too cold or warm enough to swim.The southern coast beaches and on the Bay of Fundy is too cold for any average person to swim in. The cold Labrador Current makes its way south, thus the water is relatively cold.

The Northumberland Strait or Nova Scotia central section is under the influence of warm water directly discharged from the St. Lawrence River and Bay, thus the water is relatively warm.

The south shore and Fundy area beaches are apposite for strolling along the shoreline, collecting driftwood or sea shells. Likewise, the sandy beaches have few amenities.

The South Shorehas Rissers Beach with a stretch of white sand, and has a nearby boardwalk for walking. This beach is popular offering lots of parking and there is a canteen as well.

Melmerby is a warm beach that is a 20 minute car ride from New Glasgow. There is no camping, but has a canteen, picnic tables and showers. It is crowded during weekends.

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