Central Park – The Largest Urban Park in the World

The fifth-largest park in New York City, Central Park has been renowned for its charms and beauty. This 843-acres (341 ha) recreational site is one of the most visited parks in New York, receiving about 40 million visitors a year. Central Park laid its foundation in 1857, at that time it was 778 acres (315 ha), but later, due to the works of landscape architect Fredrick Law Olmsted and landscape designer Calvert Vaux, was greatly expanded and modified that it earned these professionals a design competition. It has been used as a useful background in many films.  This recreational center is renowned as a National Landmark. Central Park, this 843acre facility is dedicated and honors those who helped in Shaping South America and to those who set foot in graves for it. It is home to about more than 2,000 trees of many exotic species. Moreover, it provides shelter to a vast variety of birds including red-tailed hawk. Raccoons, Eastern Gray Squirrels, Eastern Chipmunks, and Virginia Opossum are some mammals found here.

Sculptures & Exhibitions:

All the sculptures and exhibits here are one of the greatest reasons that attract millions of visitors per annum. Works of famed sculptors, Augustus Saint-Gaudens, Emma Stebbins, and John Quincy Adams Ward, are displayed here. These sculptures include “Alice in Wonderland Margaret Delacorte Memorial (1959)”, “Angel of the Waters at Bethesda Terrace by Emma Stebbins (1873)”, “Balto (1925)”, “Duke Ellington Memorial (dedicated in 1997), “King Jagiello Monument”. Other structures incorporate a 69-feet tall, 180-ton gigantic red granite obelisk, “Cleopatra’s Needle”, Strawberry Fields, and The Gates.

Attractions of Central Park:

Central Park is an asset of New York which visited and enjoyed by many visitors from all around the world. It is cram-full of scenic views, meadows, lakes, and hilly areas. It makes a suitable place for creating memories with friends and families. This facility, with lush greenery all around, develops a soothing environment, perfect for every kind of person to take pleasure of nature and to reduce the anxiety levels to zero! Some of its charms include:

Belvedere Castle:

This stone castle stands on the Vista rocks. Also known for its breathtaking, Belverde Castle was sculpted by Calvert Vaux and Jacob Wrey Mould, in the year 1965. This miniature castle, when stationed on its top you can have the most scenic views of the city including those of the Delacorte Theater, the Great Lawn, the Turtle Pond, and the Ramble. Belverde Castle narrates some history as well. This Fantasy structure also houses some artifacts, skeletons, and microscopes and are displayed for the tourists.

Central Park Zoo:

Among Central Parks many notorious features, the Zoo is widely renowned among the visitors, especially animal lovers. Central Park Zoo houses more than 100 species of animals including polar bears, penguins,  red pandas, sea lions, and snow leopards.

Bethesda Fountain and Terrace:

Overlooking the lake, Bethesda Fountain and Terrace is a package for thousands of tourist attraction. In the late 1800s, it was dedicated to the Angels the Water. It has been designed by Jacob Mould. This place is most popular for photography as it provides unique scenes. People also come here to relax.

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