Explore the Banff National Park – The Charm of Canadian Rockies

Banff National Park

Banff National Park covers over a one-hundred-kilometer square of land in the heart of Canadian Rockies. It is full of snowy peaks, glacially formed lakes, alpine forests, valleys, mountains, and lush greenery. Banff National Park holds the best scenic views of northern America. The Banff resort town is the main center of the park with relaxing holiday environment, bars, restaurants, and scenery.

The Sulphur Mountain Gondola (Cableway Ride):
Sulphur Mountain is one of the most recommended places to visit in Banff National park. The Sulphur Mountain Gondola resides some of the most breathtaking views of the mountains, lush greenery, and landscapes. The enchanting Banff Gondola cableway ride to reach the hiking trails and scenic decks on the mountain tops is one of the best parts of visiting the Sulphur Mountain.

Banff Upper Hot Springs:
It is commercially developed hot spring residing a massive hot water pool located outdoors. The stunning views of the valley to Mount Rundle enchants the visitors while in the hot water pool. Banff Upper Hot Springs is formed by the natural flow of hot spring water from the Sulphur Mountain. The temperature of the water is approximately 38°C throughout the seasons.

Banff Springs Hotel:
It is one of the oldest attraction of Banff National Park founded in the year 1887. This gigantic Scottish Baronial and a castle-themed mansion were the Canadian Grand Railway Hotel served over a century ago. The surrounding beauty of Banff Springs Hotel is worth appreciating and it is the best Canadian Rockies hotel to stay or just pay a visit for the abundant history on a guided tour by the hotel operators.

Bow Falls:
The Bow Falls is where the Spray River meets the Bow River, showcasing the breathtaking charms of nature.  It is located near the Banff Springs Hotel attracting over a million visitors throughout the year. Best time to visit this majestic wonder of Banff National Park is during the midweek or off season to avoid the crowd and fully soak in the beauty of this waterfall.

Mount Norquay Green Spot:
It is a massive green meadow located on the slopes of Mount Norquay. The Green Spot is famous for the Banff townsite, Bow Valley, and landscape views, as well as the abundant wildlife. Visitors can enjoy taking photographs in this scenic region full of enchanting sights. To reach the infamous Green Spot, guests can take a drive or hike up to the hill.

Lake Minnewanka:
Travel east of the Banff National Park where the Lake Minnewanka is situated. About a couple of kilometers to the Banff townsite, this glacial lake is the longest lake in the Canadian Rockies. There used to be a coal mine and a town named Bank-Head but now this place only attracts the tourists from all around the world. Don’t miss the sightseeing boat cruise on the Lake Minnewanka.


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