10 reasons to visit Seattle this season


Seattle is a suitable playground and tourists are sure to love the organic restaurants and the islands or mountains. Winters are lovely for people loving to snowboard or ski and enjoy tasting coffee shops in every walking distance. There are reasons to make this city a must-see:

1. Focusing green
In August in the Myrtle Edwards Park waterfront, a protestival vibe brings thousands to Seattle. The Hempfest promotes this and more people advocate the relaxation and repealment of marijuana laws. They spread the message and now it has grown exponentially.

2. Ahead of the curve
Seattle with respect to sex is always ahead with LGBTQ conservation and equality. They offer a welcoming attitude for all sex people. The state legalized gay marriage and gained utmost prominence. Above all, Seattle is crowned as the greenest nation as it banned the disposable plastic bags and is the pioneer in hydropower and recycling.

3. Music gods land
Seattle has legends and the renowned radio station KEXP and Sub Pop Records consistently are known for delivering quality rich new music. There are plenty of live music shows and the Paramount Theater is prominent for its stunning architecture for complementing the music. Experience music projects that offer futuristic perfection. festivals are great time defining summer here and the family friendly fests has dance venues, international food stalls and also amateur and professional regional musicians, proving to be music gods land.

4. Heaven on earth
Mt. Ranier National Park is a not to miss. There are incredible vistas of glaciers, meadows and the Mts. Hood, Adams and St. Helens snow-capped peaks. Olympic Peninsula is also gorgeous offering glacial views. Go through the Hall of Mosses trail to the temperate rainforest, but carry raincoats always. Third Beach offers a glimpse of sea lions playing. Within the city limits, go biking to Golden Gardens and enjoy bonfire on the beach.

5. Independent spirit
Seattle emphasizes on independent shops and these are found in Pike Place Market and include Golden Age Collectibles. Movie lovers will surely enjoy the concessions given from the local shops and some local theaters have a full service bar. The city hosts an Independent film festival annually, worth visiting.

6. Perfect getaway
A quick noon or a long weekend, enjoy a perfect getaway. Vashon has corporate employees and retirees, while there is a hippie vibe. Watch for whales during winters or pick berries in the summer at local farms or hike any time of the year. It makes a perfect getaway throughout the year. The archipelago is known for its diverse animal population and you can take a chartered sailboat, bike ride or hiking.

7. Indoor and outdoor museums
The Seattle Art Museum is significant for its Japanese, Pacific Island and Northwest art. The museum on the waterfront is a relaxing place suitable for a daydream or a free date.

8. Local food and drink
Seattle and coffee never are apart, same as the grunge music. Starbucks fan can find in Pike Place Market the original shop. The Street Bean Espresso is outstanding. Woodinville is suitable for adult beverage featuring vineyards and tasting rooms. Mighty-O Donut is suitable for breakfast offering delicious vegan and organic treats. Belltown’s Local 360 is ideal name for dinner.

9. A Pleasing neighborhood
Explore Capitol Hill in the morning, visit the vintage boutiques and clothing shops on the downtown walk, go to Pioneer Square, the Pike Place Market for its attractions. Seattle has the most diverse neighborhoods featuring crafted beers, Chinese festivals offering foodie mecca in the Chinatown International District. Save money to go to the vegetarian restaurants, upscale boutiques and the Ballard Avenue only Sunday market.

10. Immerse in the views
Head to the Space Needle top and enjoy the views. the Mts Baker and Rainier also offer exceptional view of the Elliot Bay and the City from Sky View 73 rd floor observatory. Ride Seattle Great Wheel, at sunset. Thrillseekers take a ride as winds pick up.

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