New York City Festivals

New York City Festivals

In New York, the calendar is always full special in summer it is an extravaganza of festivals, street fairs, and celebrations. Starting from Governors Island to Brighton Beach, Brazilian Day to Bastille Day, here are few of the best.

Bastille Day Celebration:
Bastille Day in France is celebrated to commemorate a turning point during and in the French Revolution. While in New York City, over 40,000 visitors storm the entire Midtown indulging in delicious French cuisines, can-can dancing, a vintage Citroen car show, etc. And what makes it all authentic, is that the party is thrown by none other than the French Institute Alliance Francaise, the home of French culture in New York.

City of Water Day:
You will be overflowing with appreciation for the spectacular waterfronts in New York, at this rain-or-shine water palooza. The event is a waterfront activity fair held on Governors Island. Here one can, do rowing, kayaking, tour vessels from ships to tugboats and paddle boarding. The Cardboard Kayak Race is a must see. The participants build floating crafts out of corrugated and tape.

Egg Rolls, Egg Creams, and Empanadas Festival:
How’s that for you, Peking Opera, Klezmer, bomba music, yarmulke-making, Chinese scribal art and Puerto Rican mask workshops and along with these accompanies egg creams, kosher egg rolls, and empanadas. All of this at the Lower East Side’s Chinese, Jewish and Puerto Rican communities and their rich heritage.

The Ultimate Craft Beer Festival:
Here at Tapped, it is a great opportunity to sample over 100 local and also international brews, ciders, and wines. You can pair them along with the locally produced vendor food at the Barclays Centre. For those who haven’t yet played Giant Beer Pong, grab this chance.

Brighton Jubilee:
In 2016, it is the 40th year of the street fair which dedicates itself to bridge the gap of communication through the language of music. So apart from blocks of multi-cuisine food, globally inspired merch, kiddie rides and local information booths, one can also find Italian- American crooners, Russian language rock bands and also singers from the close by Bay Bridge.

Brazilian Day:
Brazil making several headlines, starting from the Olympics to its strident politics. But here at NYC festival’s Brazilian Day comprises of back to back dance routines, vibrantly colored costumes, and energetic cheers amid a sea of bright green and yellow flags. Known as the Brazilian Day, it draws Brazilian people from all over the world. It is counted among one of the unmissable street parties from the New York City festivals.

New York Coffee Festival:
The NY Coffee festival is a flagship coffee event in New York, celebrating the flourishing specialty of coffee in the city. The Coffee festival in 2017, will be in the third year of its existence and will feature more than 85 coffees. The visitors can enjoy free coffee tastings, demonstrations from world-class baristas, interactive workshops, intoxicating coffee cocktails, delicious street food, live music, art, etc. Similar event also takes place in London and Amsterdam and is very popular. This event is an absolutely unmissable show for coffee lovers and industry stakeholders.

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