Wisconsin the Northern Treasure


Wisconsin is located in the United States in the center of north, Midwest and Great Lakes regions. According to the total area, Wisconsin is the twenty third largest state of the U.S. and also the most populous 20th state. The capital of the Wisconsin state is the Madison and the largest city is Milwaukee, located on the Lake Michigan western shore. Wisconsin is known for the America’s Dairy land because of its leading position in dairy products.

A state that has been ethnically heterogeneous, the first who has been there were the Yankees from New York and New England. The finance, heavy industry, politics and education of the state has been dominated by the Yankees. National leadership role has also been taken in the Progressive Movement by the state under the sponsorship of Robert M. La Follette and his family.

Top Attractions in Wisconsin:

Racine, Wisconsin:
Racine, the country seat of Racine Country Wisconsin, United States is located on the Lake Michigan shore at the Root River mouth. In between Milwaukee and Chicago, Racine is centrally located there. The total population of the city is 78,199 in the 2013 U.S census, so it is the Wisconsin’s fifth-largest city. The home price in Racine city is about $103,625 which is affordable and reasonable price to take a home there and for this reason it is considered as the most affordable city in Wisconsin.

Red Cliff Wisconsin:
Miskwabiikong, another name for Red Cliff is a community which is unincorporated in the bayfield and Russel country, Wisconsin U.S. The population of reservation is 924 and the reservation has been created by the U.S. government and Red Cliff Band treaties. The width of reservation is approximately one mile and the length is 14 miles which is located at the Bayfield Peninsula’s top on the Lake Superior shores in the region of north Wisconsin.

Blue Mounds, Wisconsin:
The village Blue Mounds which is located in the Dane country of Wisconsin, United States had a population of about 855 in 2010 census. French missionaries named the village as blue mounds due to the nearby three mounds which was blush hue. For the recreation, blue mounds are the best for the bike riders who climb the top of the blue mound state park. It is up to the riders that they choose 100K or 200K course. There is also a mounds’ festival that is organized at Mounds View Park.

Kenosha Electric Railway:
Kenosha electric railways was serving the city Kenosha from February 3, 1903 to February 14, 1932. Birney safety cars have been operated by Kenosha electric railway in its service of 29 years and Kenosha converted its system into electric trolley buses in 1932.

Bayfield, Wisconsin:
Bayfield city is in the Bayfield country of the Wisconsin, United States which had the population about 530 in 2010. Henry Bayfield who was the British Royal Topographic Engineer had explored the Bayfield region in 1822 to 1823 and after his death the city was named as Bayfield. These are the five top tourisms in Wisconsin. A great and beautiful state, Wisconsin, can give you all that you need. The best part is the affordable home prices so anyone could plan to move on there.

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