Diverse colors of Portland – Oregon

Portland, Oregon

Portland is the largest city of America. Located at the Pacific Northwest in the state of Oregon. Portland has been one of the top tourists enticing city as it resides some of the finest museums, parks, art galleries, and other entertainment areas. Portland is 28th most populace in America while exceeding over two million of citizens. Both the Columbia and Willamette rivers confluence and make the city more dazzling. Tourists in both the season remains persistent as the city offers special and exclusive attractive spots and never ending entertainment areas. Portland is also known as the Bridge town due the busiest and historic constructed bridges in the city.

Top Attractions of Portland

a) Oregon Museum of Science and Industry
The museum contains the most fascinating items concerning to science and technology. The Museum is divided in three auditorium Exhibition Hall, Planetarium and Large-Screen Theatre. Visitors most visit this museum for its finest exhibition relating to technology and industries. Visitors can watch the magnificent technological items that will entirely fascinating the visitors. Few world renowned technology and science universities are associated with museum in order to keep the museum full of latest technological items and the exclusive exhibitions of industries and technologies also attracts a large number of visitors. The museum is opened for the visitors from early mornings to late night.

b) Forest Park
Forest Park in Portland is the largest park in America, located in Tualatin Mountains. The area covers more than five thousand and one hundred acres of land and most part of the park is covered with forests and gorgeous view of colorful and tall trees. Tourist mostly visit Forest Park due to the reason that it has a longest trail for biking, as well as the three are scenic spots for picnic. Exploring the wilderness of the Forest Park also fascinates the visitors. The park is opened for the visitors until the midnight.

c) The Portland Art Museum
Portland Art Museum is the seventeenth oldest museum on the land of America, constructed in 1892. The museum contains more that forty-five thousand pieces of Modern and contemporary art, Northwest art and Asian art. The Portland Art Museum will entirely fascinate the visitors by its unique and20th largest collection of art items. Various celebrity sculptures will also the visitors. The visiting time of the museum id between the early mornings to early night.

d) Tom McCall Waterfront Park
Tom McCall Waterfront Park was built in year 1978 and named after the mayor Tom McCall who was willing to build a park in that location of Willamette River. As the park covers more than thirty-five acres of land and it is divided into several parts of utilization such as the jogging and trails are located in the center and the dazzling sight of Willamette River lies at west of the park for picnic and watching the scenic sight of the River. Visitors mostly visit Tom McCall Waterfront Park for jogging, biking, skateboarding, lunching, sports, fountain play and fireworks viewing in the night, Swaying and boat watching is also the best thing to do in the park.

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