A Travel guide to Island Paradise – Honolulu, Hawaii


Located on the south shore of the of the Hawaii Island—Honolulu serves as Hawaiian state capital and considered to be the nerve center of the entire island chain. Joint businesses, tourism and transplants from all over the world, Honolulu is a colorful blend of unique cultures and ethnicities.

However, a wide array of travelers fly to the nearby beaches the city itself has its own share of attractions. We have catalogued some of the best places you could visit while you’re on the jewel of paradise.

Bishop Museum: The first of any visit to Honolulu should be the Bishop Museum, this bank of historical figures houses the world’s most extensive collection of Hawaiian cultural artifacts as well as any natural and scientific exhibits.

If folks are interested in learning not just to hop in the water of the beach, if you are interested in learning in terms of culture and this aloha spirit that Bishop Museum have, this is the exact place where you want to be.

Pearl Harbor: The most tourist attraction spots can be found at the Pearl Harbor, the World War 2 valor in the Pacific National Monument place tribute to all the great men and women who have given the ultimate sacrifice for their country.

Iolani Palace:In the heart of downtown Honolulu, there stands the only royal palace in the United State—Iolani Palace. This palace was home to various Hawaiian royal figures up until 1893. This national historic landmark and become a proud symbol of Hawaiian culture and history.

Downtown is also home to iconic Aloha Tower the historic Kawaiahaʻo Church and Hawaiian state capitol building.

China Town: A short walk from Hawaiian state capitol there is china Town. Here all sorts of visitors and residents alike, descend on the market area to buy everything from everything to “produced” and fresh seafood on the island and there is never a shortage of food to sample at the local market restaurants. Royal kitchen is a great place to sample Chinese steamed buns stuffed with Kula Pork.

Diamond head State Monument: Take the 45 minute hike to the top of the Diamond Head state monument, this extinct volcano provides breathtaking view of the city and the surrounding areas.

Waikiki Beach: Of course, no trip is complete to Hawaii without going to the Waikiki Beach. This two miles of white stretch beach has been drawing sun worshipers to its shore for decades. You can enjoy surfing, paddle boarding, or ride into the canoe to make your Waikiki visit a memorable one.

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