Travelling to the US this year? Mark these places as must visit!


Travelers from all over the globe weigh on which places can be considered the best in the USA. Based on the expert analysis and user choice, here are a variety of destinations which are a must visit.

Grand Canyon: The iconic American landform represents larger than life features of nature. Witness the vibrant color on the walls of the canyon during sunrise and sunset. A year round adventure spot with soaring sandstone walls and volcanic features.

Yellowstone National Park: A 3,000 plus square miles of mountains, waterfalls, forests, meadows, geysers, and canyons, the Yellowstone is what is called as an outdoor enthusiast’s paradise. This place is ranked the best affordable destination in the USA.

South Beach: The South Beach in Miami which runs along the Atlantic like a sculpture made out of the sand. During the daytime, what goes on is lots of sunbathing on the shore, beach volleyball, surfing, swimming, etc. During the night, the streets become the spectrum of neon and are the perfect picture of America’s beach nightlife.

Times Square: An iconic district in the city of New York, Times Square is a crowded and busy picture of the commercial city life. The best place probably to witness the New Year with the countdown and gatherings, this place simply needs to be seen to believed.

Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom: The Magic Kingdom welcomes all into its dream world with Cinderella and Mickey Mouse roaming around. The American imagination is quite efficiently represented here from the classic Fantasyland to the futuristic Tomorrowland. This pixie dusted retreat should not be missed by people of any age groups.

Fenway Park: The Boston Red Sox played several games at Fenway Park. Opened in 1912, it is the oldest major league Baseball ballpark. Legends of the game like Babe Ruth, Carl Yastrzemski, and Ted Williams have stepped out here to bat. It is a remnant of American golden age in its old-fashioned form and also a mecca for the diehard fans of this quintessential American sport.

Mount Rushmore: Mount Rushmore, not only in terms of sheer scale is a monumental mountainside in America but also probably the best embodiment of its finest ideals. The sculpture which features the four remarkable US presidents, apart from being the representation of the pioneering American spirit is also currently the largest work of art on the planet.

Washington DC: The capital, no doubt should be a priority in your list. Iconic landmarks like the Lincoln Memorial, US Capitol building, the White House, Washington Monument, Thomas Jefferson Memorial, World War 2 memorial, etc. It is ranked as the 2nd most historic destinations in the United States.

Las Vegas: The Entertainment capital of the world, America’s playground, and Sin City are some nicknames which suit Las Vegas. Every night the city draws pleasure mongers to the neon lit strips just like moths to the flame.

Grand Teton National Park: The snow-capped and rugged peaks standing on the green fields, with sometimes lakes sparkling in the base are home to bears, elk, and bald eagles. The landscape is awe dropping and unforgettable.

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