French and Italian Restaurants in Montreal

French and Italian Restaurants in Montreal

Montreal is a great city in Canada to visit. Apart from the tourist attractions, a city needs proper restaurants to become popular among tourists. In this regard, Montreal is one of the best cities simply because it has some amazing restaurants. All major parts of Montreal have a restaurant offering some superb dishes.

French restaurants
French restaurants in Montreal offer a wide variety of food. Right from a novella to a bavette cuisine, one can get everything in Montreal. Some of the best French restaurants are given below

Le Homard Fou
Le Homard Fou is located in the centre of Old Montreal. It is a popular French restaurant and is famous for offering good food coupled with proper ambience. The grill, fresh lobster and fish here are great and along with the ambience, this is easily one of the best.

Le Beaux Jeudis
Le Beaux Jeudis is an authentic French bistro. This restaurant is open close to 30 years and has been enthralling customers with a combination of cuisine and friendly ambience ever since. Le Beaux Jeudis serves surprises to its customers and provides a good meal.

Le Paris
Le Paris was established in 1956. The best dishes in this restaurant are coq au vin, poached salmon, steak and fries and their best, eggs and mayo. Ever since it was opened, Le Paris is one of the most prominent French restaurants in Montreal.

Mechant Bouef
Merchant Bouef has a unique character and personality that appeal to the customers. This is chic pub catering to both English and French tastes. The food here is good and the atmosphere here is generally congenial. There are even DJ shows and classic rock n roll throughout the night.

Alexandre and Fils
Alexandre and Fils is a bistro exuding a charm that brings to mind the traditional cafes in Paris. Customers here can choose to dine in the second floor pub, the dining room and the terrace. This elegant restaurant offers good food making it a local favorite of Montreal.

The Bonaparte is a restaurant that lives to its name. It is styled to recreate the Napoleonic era. The halls are pleasantly decorated to give an exquisite dining experience. The food served here with the feeling of dining in an intimate manner makes this restaurant an all time favorite of the locals as well as the tourists who visit it.

Chez Queux
Old Montreal is the home for another famous restaurant, Chez Queux. This French food outler was built in the year 1862 and is quite refreshing. The food here is pretty good.

Le Caveau
Le Caveau is famous for its gourmets. This restuarnts is famous for all kinds of gathering. It could be a business gathering or a simple meeting with friends or an outing with the family. Whatever the occasion is, Le Caveau is suitable for all. Traditional French delicacies are the specialty of this restaurant.

Italian Restaurants
Italian restaurants in Montreal are famous for providing both traditional as well as fusion delicacies. Excellent taste is promised in all of these places as each restaurant uses seasoned ingredients to provide the best food. Italian food is known to vary based on the region and but the restaurants in Montreal are known for their taste.

Delicacies from the north of Italy offer a combination of Parmigiano, meat and butter, traditional dishes use a lot of agricultural produce while finely cooked egg plants, fresh fish, olive oil and ripe tomatoes are the basis for most dishes originating from the southern parts of Italy. Italian restaurants in Montreal offer dishes from all regions in Italy with their genuine taste.

Some of the best Italian restaurants in Montreal are:

Casa Cacciatore
Casa Cacciatore is a prominent restaurant in operation for several years. This restaurant offers some great homemade scampi, scallopines and pastas and is frequently visited by locals and tourists alike.

Wienstein & Gavino’s
This restuarnt is a complete package. Right from the impressive open kitchen to an outdoor terrace and a bar, this is one of the best restaurants in Montreal. Set with a rustic Mediterranean ambiance, the dishes served here cater to different tastes and are enjoyed by all.

Casa Napoli
Casa Napoli provides some of the best Italian dishes in Montreal. Customers here can even select their wine from an extensive selection and along with the tasty dishes offered, this is a splendid restaurant.

La Capannina
This is a family run restaurant providing some of the dest dishes with a hospitable and warm environment. Some of the best dishes here are seafood dishes, homemade pasta with sauces and veal.

Pino is known for its good dishes and very importantly, the beautiful lounge where several amenities are provided. Customers can relax by the fire while enjoying their favorite dishes. A gorgeous view of the Crescent Street is visible from this restaurant and is an added attraction.

The Boccacinos provide some of the best Italian dishes in Montreal. Another distinct feature is that one can also find some international dishes here. These dishes along with an extensive selection of wine and Montreal dishes, make dining at Boccacinos an excellent experience.

Il Mulino
Il Mulino is a comfortable place for all sorts of occasions. Both business and family occasions can be comfortably held here. The wine and food here are tasteful and provide a good meal for everyone.

La Piazzetta
La Piazzetta offers a diverse menu. The famous dishes here are custom made pizzas. These pizzas are extra delicious because the customer can decide what they want and they will be delivered accordingly. Shrimp, hot Italian sauce, Mozzarella, prosciutto and gruyere cheese are some of the famous pizzas available here. The delightful pizzas and the Mediterranean setting of the restaurant make it a different yet irresistible place.

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