Washington DC – place of iconic landmarks and culture

Washington DC

Washington DC commands attention, arguably it is the most powerful city on earth in terms of politics. It is the capital of the United Stated and a place where the future of the free world is debated and determined. Washington DC is home to over six hundred thousand residents; Washington DC is culturally diverse and is considered to be the pedestrian friendly cities in the United States. It is easy to get around the city. Everything you’d want to see in order to learn more about the city is just few blocks from the Metro Station. While you are down there, take your time to explore some of the following landmarks that has becomes the city’s iconic symbol.

Around the city:
The national mall is the ideal location to discover the city’s regal character. The nation’s front lawn stretches three miles from the Capital Hill all the way to the Potomac River. This area is staged for series of great landmarks, such as the Lincoln Memorial and the Washington Monument and it is friends by the finest museums that house the country’s history. You can also view the Legislative Building from outside, if the building were to build in this year with the same workmanship and material then it could have cost over 1 US Billion Dollar.

White House and Downtown:
Walking on the strip of Washington DC in Downtown, you’ll stumble upon the National Crime & Punishment Museum. The museum is home to over one hundred interactive exhibits, exploring the history of crime and its consequences. It also houses the studio for the popular television show, America’s Most Wanted.

Well, if you’re in the Washington DC, your tour is not complete without visiting the White House. The stateliness of the White House never fails to impress anyone, regardless of how many times you’ve seen it on TV. Partially because it is a majestic home as well as a national symbol.

Taste the food:
As one of the world’s international cities, Washington DC have an eclectic food scene to match. No single culture defines its menu, though South Americans, Asians, Ethiopians, and Latinos are all give it a go. Try the local’s favorite the Ben’s Chili Bowl and ask for the mustard and chili drenched half-smokes, it is the Washington DC’s smokier version of hotdogs.

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