Dahlonega – The Heart of North Georgian Wine Country

The notorious city of Georgia State, Dahlonega is regarded as the site of first gold-rush in America.  Dahlonega is one of the greatest cities which have an immensely interesting history, which intrigues many people from all over the globe. This small city has an approximate population of 5,300. Dahlonega is mostly renowned for its gold rush history.

Attractions & Charms of Dahlonega:

Despite its interesting history, Dahlonega is also known for tourism as thousands of people visit the city, to witness its charms. This city has multiple and diversity of vineyards in its borders. Other than that, there are many places here to visit which offers tons of activities to its visitors. Some of the attractions of Dahlonega are:

  • Consolidated Gold Mine: The largest Gold mine to the east of Mississippi river, Consolidated gold mine is a hard rock gold mine from where a great deal of gold extracted. Here, the visitors can observe the greatest gold mine of all time. It can be an educational trip for many people. Many exhibits are also displayed, such as the equipment used and etcetera.
  • Dahlonega Gold Museum Historic Site: Dahlonega Gold Museum Historic Site was built and maintained to honor the First gold rush in America. Many artifacts such as gold coins, gold nuggets, and gold panning equipment are exhibited here. The Old Lumpkin County Courthouse also comes in the parameters of this site.
  • Cane Creek Falls: Cane Creek Falls are breathtaking waterfalls which welcome every kind of visitor to witness its beauty. It is a nice place to create memories with families, with scenic views all around. Cane Creek Falls also offers some camping grounds to spend some quality time and to reduce your anxiety level.
  • Crisson Gold Mine: Opened in late the 1800s, Crisson Gold Mine is an open-pit Gold mine sited in Dahlonega. It offers its visitors views and observations which are not provided everywhere. Tour guides here welcome both young and adults and takes them to a fine journey around the mine. It is one of the most visited places here.
  • Chestatee Wildlife Preserve & Zoo: Adored by every nature lover, Chestatee Wildlife Preserve and Zoo is a petting zoo which provides shelter to many rare species as well as to those which are widely known. The total number of species present here is eighty. Some of the most significant species include alligators, monkeys, wildcats, zebras, Siberian tigers, and kangaroos.
  • Price Memorial Hall: A renowned historic site in Dahlonega, Price Memorial Hall is remembered by the gold steeple on its top. It produces coins worth $6,000,000. In the past, around the 1870s, the building was demolished by fire. The foundation was thus used to build another building in the next years.
  • North Georgia Astronomical Observatory:Owned by the University of North Georgia, North Georgia Astronomical Observatory provides the best way to explore the galaxy while resting on the seat. The theatre offers starry skies, videos, and more on a 30-foot dome. The digital systems are so realistic that visitors feel as they’re flying across the sea of stars, sky. This Observatory normally and most often invites students as it is very educational for them.

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