What Not to Miss in the Boston City?

What Not to Miss in the Boston City?Whenever it comes to planning a tour in the West American region, Boston has always been one of the tourist most favorite cities with endless facilitating amenities, diverse neighborhoods, notable attractions, luxury lodgings, and elegant dining.

Boston is the capital city of Massachusetts, as well as it’s the largest city in the state. Since Boston is country’s oldest city, there are quite many historic sites to explore, the Freedom Trail showcases sixteen significant historic landmarks that played an important role the country’s founding history. Boston is rich in American colonial and Revolutionary War history than any other city in the entire country.

Cambridge town is located in the heart of Boston City, where the top Ivy League universities are located: the Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Tourists from all around the world come visit this historic land which holds the country’s founding history landmarks with remarkable touring experiences. For stunning sightseeing of the city, visitors can board a cruise at the Boston Harbor which best views the twinkling skylines, and harbor of the city. While in town, visitors shall not miss visiting the following sites to discover the core charm of the Boston:

  • Freedom Trail: this three-mile trail in the city says it all about the distant past, the trail takes the visitors through sixteen most significant sites from the oldest Boston Massacre building to the Old South Meeting House. However, the city is easy to navigate on foot and the Freedom Trail is quite easy to follow with guiding directions on the walkway. Freedom Trail ends in the Charlestown with Bunker Hill Monumental Site and Frigate USS Constitution.
  • Faneuil Hall: Faneuil Hall, also known as Cradle of Liberty, is the country’s oldest market hall which was built in the year 1742. Peter Faneuil, the owner of this property, presented this market hall to the city on a contract of keeping this public market hall always open for the people. Visitors can still find some stores on the ground floor of Faneuil Hall, however, on the second floor is the Council Chamber of 18th and 19th century revolutionary meetings, and on the fourth floors, visitors can enjoy exploring the Ancient & Honorable Artillery Museum with countless artifacts and weaponry exhibits.
  • Harvard University: it is one of the oldest and world’s most leading educational institute. In the middle of this old university, visitors can enjoy exploring the Harvard Yard area where the first academic building of the United States was built in the year 1720. Discover the student culture, academics, and attractions of this renowned campus.
  • Prudential Tower: It is a commercial complex featuring many of the popular brand stores of the fashion world. One of the great attractions is the Prudential Skywalk on the fiftieth floor of the Prudential Tower, which overlooks the breathtaking bird-eye views of the entire city. Here, on the top floor of the tower, visitors can enjoy a tasty meal and views of the city

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