Where can you travel in America in 2016?

Where can you travel in America in 2016?

America is based on two continents that are located in North and South Region. Due to such large area, there are many places that can be visited in America. After the end of year 2015, people are looking for suggested and best places for vacation trip in 2016. It is not easy to enlist the names of best places to visit in USA in 2016. Despite that, the thorough research has made us able to show some preferred spots to visit in 2016.

1: You don’t need to look anywhere further than Galveston Texas if you’re looking for exciting summer vacation. The city is ready to unveil 7 miles of new beach after the expansion and beach nourishment project. It is definitely an ideal choice for tour in summer vacations.

2: Las Vegas, a city of entertainment always stays in the preferences of millions of tourists in the world. In the year 2016, you can meet Celine Dion in the month of August. It is her 1000th show in the Sin city. The AXIS at Planet Hollywood would’ve shows of Lionel Richie and Jennifer Lopez. There is much more to enjoy in Las Vegas in 2016. Therefore, you should keep it in mind while making a list of tour destination of 2016.

3: The City of Brotherly Love known as Philadelphia. It is also a great destination for the families, friends and couples. The Democratic Convention of 2016 would be hosted by Philadelphia. So, it will be a great time to go there. The international Art Exhibitions would also be hosted by Philadelphia Museum of Art. It is the first World’s Heritage City by UNESCO.

4: Hawaii is another ideal choice to make your 2016 special than previous years. There are lots of amazing places to view there. The Hawaii Volcanoes National Park can’t be neglected once you visit Hawaii. The region’s spectacular geology would give you a wonderful chance to see something unique.

5: San Antonio is a place where you can view numerous historical places. The attractive historical locations of San Antonio would grab your eyeballs. This place is best to visit in the present year. However, the kids may not find it interesting place because of many historical locations in the city. All in all, it is a must-visit place in the present year. Whether you go there with family or loved ones, the spectacular views would make a memorable trip for you.

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