The British Virgin Islands – One of the Exclusive Caribbean Islands

British Virgin Islands

The British Virgin Islands are highly exclusive islands of the Caribbean, offering a real appeal. Even a day trip is enjoyable to stay on this Virgin Islands as it works to be cheaper. The villas, resorts, restaurants and other tourist attractions emphasize sprawling luxury expansion, attracting travellers who have a penchant for seclusion and sailing. Travelers visiting here come by ferry boat from the Caribbean isle.

What’s so special here?
The British Virgin Islands is really safe. The biggest hazard is avoiding the livestock as you navigate the roads of these Islands. The chalk-white beaches and mountainous cliffs are characterized by calm easterly winds and changing tides. This is a nice place to set outdoor excursions with your friends or family and enjoy fishing and diving or even New Year Eve party. Nearby is Jost Van Dyke serving one the delicious Caribbean drink and food.
There are duty-free deals on perfume, liquor, jewellery, and electronics, but not a vast shopping. Virgin Islanders dress conservatively. Even the nightclubs want you entering in a nice pair of shorts and boat shoes.

Getting Around
Getting around the British Virgin Islands is best on a boat. There are no flights directly from the United States to this Island. People coming here fly on St. Thomas in the U.S. Virgin Islands and take a ferry.  There are connections from SJU- Puerto Rico’s Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport. Also taking a carrier reach you on Beef Island Terrance B. Lettsome International Airport (EIS) and from this airport, you can rent a car or taxi in the Beef Island terminal.

There is plenty of options on-the-water. Ferries travel between Virgin Gorda and Tortola as well as to the U.S. Virgin Islands. There are two docks in Tortola, in Road Town, and on the West End. You can get your own charter boat and keep moving to surrounding cays and islands.

If the car is your option, you need a valid license and if you wish to stay here for over 30 days and also rent a car, you need a BVI temporary permit. You can find agencies near be yacht harbour. However, remember to drive left and vigilant driving is a must as there are enough and more of blind curves, potholes and also roosters, cows, and iguanas.

Taxis are a hassle-free way of moving around the islands. You can find taxi stands near the airports and the ferry docks. The cabbies are ideal choice to navigate the island, and there are tour guides. The fares are not on the individual basis, it is per destination, so travel in groups by negotiating your price the ride.

If you want cheap transportation to take an open-air safari bus. The charges are low and accommodate 20 people. If you are visiting for one day, this is the efficient option. There are van-type buses, but they are less practical to move around the town.

What to Eat
The British Virgin Islands in the Caribbean offers the best seafood. There is lots of spiny lobster, fresh fish at most eateries. The traditional fare includes callaloo, a soup with meats, spices and leafy vegetables, okra, and roti, that has veggies and meat spiced with curry and is wrapped in flat thin bread.  Most of the dishes are heavily spiced as everything is used such a nutmeg, strong curry, pepper to garlic powder, and more.

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