Tucson – the City of Rich Southeastern Culture in Arizona

Tucson Arizona

The state of Arizona is rich in southeastern culture, but Tucson is the most recommended city in order to discover the authentic southeastern culture of Arizona. Tucson is also the second most populated city in Arizona with a total population exceeding over one million people. The city showcases its vibrant culture through its local food, music, and major attractions.The name, Tucson is derived from the Spanish language, meaning “at the base of the black hill”, however, it’s nicknamed as the Old Pueblo. Here, the renowned Tucson Rodeo Parade draws a massive number of visitors from all around the country and it’s the country’s largest non-motorized parade that takes place every year in the heart of Tucson. The region’s geography is a combination of extensive cactus forests, breathtaking mountains, and rolling hills. The weather of Tucson remains mild throughout the year making a perfect opportunity for both the indoor and outdoor activities. Tucson is a perfect tourists destination in US State of Arizona which offer numerous activities ranging from family-fun, day-long shopping, a western experience, nature exploring, heritage arts, and finest dining.

What Not to Miss in Tucson, Arizona?

  • Saguaro National Park: It is the most recommended tourist’s attraction in the Tucson City, named after its native saguaro cactus plants that grow in its wide-spreading desert region. Here, the signal Hill Trail in the western region takes the visitors to Petroglyph of ancient Hohokam settlement. Visitors will be captivated by the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum& Zoo, Old Tucson Studios, and Wasson Peak which showcases an awe-inspiring view of the Saguaro National Park.
  • Pima Air & Space Museum: It is American largest non-government funded aerospace museum covering over one hundred and twenty-seven acres of land filled with stunning exhibits. Pima Air & Space Museum is also home to the Arizona Aviation Hall of Fame for several decades, as well as over three hundred aircraft are on the display with numerous other fascinating exhibits depicting the science of air travel.
  • Kitt Peak National Observatory: It is the country’s largest astronomical observatory with a wide variety of astronomical instruments including 23 optical and two radio telescopes that can’t be found anywhere else in the world. Visitors can explore the Kitt Peak National Observatory anytime of the day as it offers Overnight Telescope Observing Program, daytime telescope tours. But the best time to visit the Kitt Peak National Observatory is after the early evening.
  • DeGrazia Gallery in the Sun Historic District: Constructed by the famous artist Ettore DeGrazia, it is a series of buildings and an artistic manifestation covering the entire natural desert region. DeGrazia Gallery in the Sun Historic District is the tourist’s favorite landmarks in Tucson filled with exposed wood beams, rafters, cactus flooring, unique artistic finishes, and much more.

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