6 Important Tips When Using Public Transportation in Portland – Oregon


Portland which is the largest city in the state of Oregon and has a reputation for having a well-planned city system which entails a well thought out public transport system. The main public modes of transport include Portland Aerial Tram system, the Metropolitan Train Express, Trimet Bus service and Streetcar service. When using public transport in Portland as in anywhere else in the world you need to follow some tips for safety reason. Here are some of the most important:

Know your destination
This is basically the common sense of any traveler. Being aware of where you intended to go entails having a map and paying attention to the details of your route. Any regular traveler will tell you that one of the most unfortunate things that can happen when travelling is getting lost. Knowing your destination and route details will also protect from misguiding directions which might be actually intended to lead you to unsafe places. Whether you are taking the express train or bus service in Portland, make sure you know your directions and destination.

 Make sure you closely monitor your luggage
The second most unfortunate event that can happen to you while travelling is losing your luggage especially your documents. To avoid all the probable awful things such as someone else picking your luggage, a bandit switching your bag with an empty one or even simply misplacing your baggage; you need to ensure that you keep all you stuff as close to you as possible. The best way is to have your luggage with you or place it where you can easily check on it regularly. All in all, be mindful of where you place your possessions while in public transport.

 Always be alert and awake
The benefit of staying alert all through you journey is that you will be aware of where you are and whether you have reached your destination. Being attentive also helps you avoid unfortunate events such as pick-pocketing. So next time you are tempted to take a nap or start reading while on public transportation, please desist from such behavior for your own safety.

 Check for official Permit in the vehicle
It is always important to ensure that you travel using certified legitimate public transport vehicles. Robbers and kidnaps have been known to use public transport vehicles (such as taxis and buses) to lure unsuspecting civilians to their traps. Genuine public operators have their permits on display to notify their customers that they are legitimate operators. If you do not see any permit on display, feel free to ask the operators or safety officers such as policemen whether a particular company is legally permitted.

 Check for emergency call lines
Most operators have a call line services to help clients and get the public feedback on the services they provide. Imagine a scenario where you forget one of your belongings in the public transport vehicle, you will be more likely to trace your stuff more easily if you have a means of communication with the public transport operator. So next time you are using public transportation, make sure you have the companies emergency line; it may come in handy.

 Avoid crowded public transport vehicles
Being in a crowded public vehicle such as a bus has many disadvantages such as: making you more vulnerable to pick-pockets (most public transport thieves thrive in crowded vehicles), losing your luggage and making it easier to get lost. Always avoid crowded public transportation. It is always better being late than never.

So next time you are visiting Portland (especially for the first time), follow these tips religiously and you will be safer when using public transport.

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