The Main Attractions on the West Coast

The Main Attractions on the West Coast

The east coast may be a place worthy of visit considering the number of tourist attractions to be had there; there is the status of liberty, the Niagara Falls and other places. But if the truth must be told, the east coast doesn’t have monopoly over great sights. The west coast too had been turned to haven of visitation by people from all walks of life; many tourists make their ways to this part of the United States every year. Do you want to go on vacation alone or with your kids and wife? Make sure you include a visit to the west coast in your traveling plans and you will never regret it.

Check out California
The state alone is able to swallow all the thrills obtainable on the east coast. California’s a state like none other; it will make New York go green with envy. Do not forget Los Angeles and San Francisco. Never forget Hollywood too. San Diego is another beautiful place you must visit in California. Now, don’t forget too quickly about Disneyland, the place of fun and relaxation where your hair will stand on end for the multitude of attraction that lie all around you. A visit to Yosemite Park will wow you. Never forget to give Lake Tahoe a look up too. What about California Wine Tour? Make sure you take part in it. You may be able to cart away a number of top class wine bottles to the bargain.

The Hawaiian Island is one place you must never overlook when you pay a visit to the west coast. It is the perfect vacation site no doubt. The beaches are very beautiful and the perfect place to get suntan. The volcanoes are ever bubbling and they seem to be perpetually posed for a snap from your ever ready camera. The Hawaiian culture is one other thing that will keep you coming back for more.If you need a place for some quietness, there are certain beaches on the Hawaiian Island where you can be alone for as long as you want. Make sure you never leave the Hawaiian volcanoes national park uninvited too.

Las Vegas
Those who said “let me see Paris and die” never knew what they were talking about; it is because they have never visited Las Vegas. Justly your eyes on Las Vegas and you will never want to leave earth anymore. If the truth must be told, Las Vegas can be referred to as heaven on earth. Things even get better if you take a snap of the city in the night. Las Vegas casino has set this place apart like none other. Do you want to get lucky? Then Las Vegas is the place to be. The thrills and frills of the casinos will keep you awake all night long. The blockbuster shows too will set you on edge for as long as you are here.

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