A Guide to Help Traveling to South America

A Guide to Help Traveling to South America

South America is regarded as the vibrant continent of all the continents. It presents the biggest mix of cultures, though there are some regions like the Amazons, Brazil, and Argentina that are inhabited only by tribes. Thus these regions give evidence of British and Portuguese influence on them. Planning to trip to South America is sure to offer the best experiences. However, like any other place, there are numerous things to bear in mind before considering a South America trip. Here is a guide to assist visitors or travellers planning a holiday to South America:

Weather:  South America weather differs from one place to another. Places such as Brazil are very hot, while the coastal place such as Venezuela, Ecuador, and the Amazon forest is really humid. Thus, arriving at best times to visit is difficult and so decide the trip dates and consider the weather at that time to wear that suits you right.

Clothes: Carry clothes that are really comfortable. Without fail carry hiking boots, socks, a waterproof parka, sneakers, warm clothes, cotton clothes, cargo pants, a sun hat, and definitely a Swimsuit.  Besides also carry sunglasses, watches, towels, shoelaces, belt or utility pouches, toiletries etc. Also, carry a first aid kit. It may be helpful.

Passport and Visas: Traveling anywhere in South America implies there is a need for the passport with a minimum validity of 6-month. In fact, you also require a visa of each country that you visit. These may be acquired from your country Consular representatives.

Luggage: There are limitations at every airport imposed on the travellers regarding luggage.  However, depending on the seats and the airline you should pack smart.You are allowed to carry camera, coats, umbrellas, and books.

Currency: The currency is either the Travelers Checks or Visa Travel Money to carry around. It would also be right to carry American dollars as these may be used anywhere in South America, and the exchange rate is also excellent. Remember, Travelers Checks or Visa Travel Money even if stolen or lost has a fair share of advantages and are considered much smarter options.

Before Leaving:  Make several photocopies of your airline tickets, credit cards, passport identification pages and other IDs that you are carrying, before starting from your country.  Leave all the photocopies with one or two of your best relatives or friends back home, to be on the safer side. This will keep you safe and the host well informed. Another important point is to inform your hometown people of your contact details so that they can reach you if required. At your home, make sure to switch off the electrical appliances and put all the gas outlets off. Make the proper arrangement of the daily services of your home such as the newspaper or post delivery. Above all, inform the police regarding your trip.

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