If You Have Been to America – You’ve Been to Heaven!

If You Have Been to America - You’ve Been to Heaven!Mother Nature has been exceptionally kind to the United States of America when it comes to the natural beauty of the country.

At 3.8 million square size the states homes spectacular deserts, an array of heart-stopping lakes, volcanic features, magnificent mountain ranges, thrilling waterfalls, ancient forests, canyons, glaciers, swamps and spine-tingling caves.

For starters, there is the Boulder, Colo. It is nestled in the very foothills of the Colorado Rockies. This is a magnificent view where you will find hiking trails, easily accessible along the Front Range and bike paths all over the town. This is one heavenly place!

A heart-stirring stretch of the infamous Wildcat River is the Jackson Falls. There is an Inn nearby called the Wentworth Inn where tourists can stay and enjoy in numerous pools, waterfalls and slides in the river. From here you can set off to the great White Mountain National Forest where you can enjoy hiking, rock climbing, fishing and all sorts of other outdoorsy sports! This is an incredible experience for all the nature lovers out there.

The summer season in Eugene, Ore is like something out of a movie. The scenic beauty is too overwhelming to be put into words. Simply just sitting there and sipping coffee while appreciating the picturesque view before you is more relaxing than any other activity.

Asheville N.C according to Self Magazine is the “Happiest City for Women”. The Blue Ridge Parkway, a bewitching route runs through the city. The surrounding dazzling mountains ranges are rife with fishing, hiking and various other exciting outdoor activities. A popular kayaking and rafting destination, the French Broad River, also passes through the beautiful town.

Key West is at great distance from Florida’s mainland. The driver is so long that it almost feels as if you have left the country. No visit to the place is ever complete without stopping over at B.O.’s Fish Wagon, which is a local institution hugely famous for its mouthwatering burgers and unique decor. If you find yourself to be a beach lover you are sure to have a blast at Fort Zachary Taylor Historic State Park which charges a really small entrance fee. There is also a Higgs beach nearby with no entrance fee, which is very well known as one of the best places around. You can even get rented moped and ride around the town. There is indeed no better way of getting a sense of the beautiful town. If you have a tight budget then the Seashell Motel and Hotel is for you. However, those of you with flush accounts should definitely check out the incredible Hyatt Key West.

Bar Harbor, Maine is about a five-hour drive from Boston but you will see that it is worth literally every mile. The gorgeous little town homes the Acadia National Park Acadia and is known to be chock-full of incredible hiking trails. Back in the late 1800s and then early 1900s, it was indeed a summer getaway of sorts for the filthy rich who then dallied away the season with extravagant garden parties, carriage rides up to the Cadillac Mountain and yachting. Bar Harbor today is an incredibly popular destination for tourists coming from all sorts different places. It has proven to be a delightful place to escape from the monotonous everyday routine.

All in all, USA has such incredible natural beauty that it feels as if it isn’t a part of earth anymore. The beauty is enchanting. The lush greenery and the bewitching mountain ranges, it is all out of this world. One must definitely visit all these places and have an experience of a lifetime!

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