Taste Local Cuisine in South America Tours

Tira de Asado

South America is one of the continents that are famous for its variety of cuisines added with lots of mouth-watering flavors. The major crops of this region are Maize, Potatoes, Peppers and Tropical Fruit. Queso Fresco (cheese made from cow’s milk) is the highly used item with the staple foods. The Guinea Pig of Peru is also used to cook numerous traditional dishes in this region. Alpaca, Trout, Corn Beer and Pisco Sour are the most favorite foods and drinks of the South American natives. Many of the countries are hub for delicious foods i.e. Peru, Ecuador, Chile etc. Though, this continent is famous for various kinds of cuisines but some of the dishes always stay in the hearts of international tourists. These delicious dishes would be discussed to show you the different cuisines as per the diverse culture of all the South American countries.

Tira de Asado:
An Argentinean steak that is made from the meat around the ribs of a pig is Tira de Asado. It is quite popular not only among the local foodies but also the international tourists as well.

Sopa Paraguay:
Bread made from corn that is commonly used with the grilled meat, steaks or kebabs. It is a staple food used by most of the people in this region. Many people love to take it only with cheese (cheddar or parmesan).

Most of the people prefer taking chicken soups. It is a soup that is made by ground beef and tastes really very yummy. It’s a best appetizer that you’ll definitely enjoy.

The Ecuador’s and Peru’s most popular seafood marinated with chilies and lime juice. If you can eat half-cooked fish, then seviche is best choice for you.

The meat turnovers cooked with a traditional Bolivian style. The burgers and rolls made from these meat turnovers with the topping of sauce would add great flavors to your mouth.

Pebre and Patacon:
Have you ever tried a pickled onion? If no, then try Pebre. It is the pickle with onion as a main ingredient. The famous fried plantains of Columbia are known as Patacon. You must try these fried plantains once pay visit to anywhere in South America.

One of the most famous dishes from Argentina made from rolled and stuffed grilled steak. It is literally a “hunger killer” that won’t bother you to even waste time on conversation while eating. It is also cooked with seafood by adding coconut milk and pepper in Brazil.

Other mouth-watering dishes:
One of the famous Venezuelan seafood stews is known as Mariscada. The corn tamales of Bolivia are also highly popular among the food lovers. The avocado sauce made from Venezuelan recipe should also be tried in this region. It is known as Guasacaca. The Brazilian palm salad called Ensalada de Palitos should never be missed in any way.

Once we finish our meals, it seems incomplete if we don’t enjoy a dessert. Whenever you visit any country in South America, you shouldn’t miss any of these desserts and beverages.

  • Spice-Poached Sour Cherries and Chocolate Mousse with Black Rice Porridge.
  • Pina Colada Sorbet.
  • Peach-Almond Icebox Cake.
  • Dulce de LecheTerrin with Blackberry Sauce and Frozen Lime.
  • Guava Swirl Icecream and Cream Cheese.
  • Tropical Fruit Tart.

All of such desserts would definitely make your day special and you would love to take them again and again. Apart from these desserts and beverages, there is a vast variety of many other sweets and drinks. The cakes and ice creams of South American region are popular in all over the world. The tourists from European, Asian and African countries really enjoy the famous cuisines of Peru, Ecuador, Argentina and Chile. Unlike North American States, the restaurants charge reasonable rates for the food. It is also a reason due to which many people prefer visiting South America.

The foodies should definitely pay visit to any country of this region. From the different kinds of meats to the vegetables, everything is used in the dishes to make them mouth-watering for everyone. Instead of wasting more time, you should plan a tour to South America to enjoy the beauty and popular cuisines. It’s a guarantee that you would fall in love with this region from many aspects.

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