Best food options available for tourists in Boston

Boston food

Boston Food as well the cooking style seems very close to the New England eateries having main focus on seafood followed by dairy products. Boston has well known foods are fish and chips, New England clam chowder, lobsters, baked beans, fried clams or steamed clams. There is always, by tradition, a lot to eat around Boston that includes never to miss secret burgers to sushi pizza and the list goes on with local as well as overseas touch and taste being unforgettable vittles that anybody would devour in the Hub.

1- Start with South Asian tandoori chicken with naan at some Punjabi Dhaba
Inman is the spot where Indian and Pakistani roadside cafés keep cranking out some authentic fare round the clock. The place is all filled with aroma of Indian spices because of the marinated tandoori chicken. This is the place where you feel yourself in that part of the world where you are not. The spices are deeply sinking into the roasting process of chickens. Do not skip the luxury but innocent drinking mango lassi as you opt those tandoori chickens.

Central Square for Secret Burgers, try being at Craigie on Main
Order for the best results from Chef Tony Maws’ masterpiece. It is just a half-pound patty uniting many choice cuts like short rib and brisket, bone marrow and also suet to make an unforgettable burger. The chef makes only 18 each night so this is a rare commodity at the bar.

Mary Chung is the Chinese family owned food spot for Peking ravioli at the Central Square
They are offering this either steamed or pan-fried since 1981. It is a must-have app in the area. You will find it chewy and tender. The place also has pork sausage coming with soy-chili dipping sauce.

Let’s go for Boston cream pie at Omni Parker House in downtown
It is indeed a gifts to the food and cooking world from Parker House in original, chocolate-covered and pastry cream-filled attracting the crowd since 1856. That is the proud presentation of the food spot.

Roast prime beef rib at Durgin-Park
This is cooked and presented in three sizes namely Durgin Cut, Yankee Cut and Boston Cut. You will find Durgin’s prime rib as extra juicy as well as seared to perfection. The offering is all filling keeping the guests stuck to table till last bite.

Have some Lobster roll at Neptune Oyster located in North End
A unique and lively presentation throughout New England area and it is worth tasting before you continue ordering repeatedly. The option for hot butter is a good way to start. You will also see knuckle meat, claw an dtail- all placed onto a perfectly toasted brioche nice bumpy bun.

7 The Italian way to cheese pizza at Santarpio’s Pizza in Chelsea and Peabody
Go for Santarpio’s Pizza chewy crust having melty Italian cheese on this flagship pizza. You have option for adding extra toppings while the usual choice is hot peppers and sausage.

Fried chicken at The Coast Café in Cambridgeport/Central Square
This one of the special offerings by the Coast Café food crew who make this as the best soul food. Fried chicken from the same spot is off the chi-zain. As the chicken is skillfully battered and then fried to gain maximum crunchiness maintaining lot of chicken juiciness.

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