Business travelers get local tips

Business travelers get local tips

USA is the vast land of business opportunities because of its business friendly policies and strong economy. These facts keep luring business people from around the world to seek their fortune. Here are some of the tips to help those business travellers:

Tip #1: Avoiding Sickness
People usually travel to USA by air and aircrafts can be a big source for carrying different types of sickness germs from various places, the aviation authorities take several measures but still we cannot whole of the possibilities. Try keeping your hands sanitized and use antibacterial ointment to coat inside of both nostrils..

Tip #2: Avoid Noise
Noise at the airports as well as during the flight, both disturb the traveller and its effect remains with him during first sleeping tenure too. Use high noise reduction having rating (NRR) of 32 dbs.

Tip #3: Eating smartly
Each airport has food points but all may not be good for you. Try eating at a place where airline staff eats and eat what they usually eat. Choose to take protein instead of carbs, as carbs take longer to digest and you will be comfortable longer

Tip #4: Travel with family members
Traveling with family members is always good and the travel-mates look after each other well.

Tip #5: Watch the folding tray
The eating table which is the folding tray attached to the back of the seat ahead of you needs to be sanitized. That always has proof of human presence and food debris. Using some antibacterial wipes, you can wipe it and watch the amount of dirt on your wipe but that is life.

Tip #6: Stay connected
A fully loaded wireless broadband USB modem that works in different environments is “a must” for those who carry laptops too. The universal wireless USB modem is a cool gadget that needs you to pay a monthly fee. This could be a bit expensive but gives peace of mind and convenience.

Tip #7: Pushing through security
For first class passengers, line definitely moves faster, use it to save time but in economy class, try getting in first class line or at least seek agent’s opinion as which lines moves faster. Try remaining in line where there are more males or solo business travelers. They have fewer things to pass through security. People on leisure trip tend to be casual and slower, bet you that line must be slowest. Delay in security is not noticed by airline and they will fly off.

Tip #8: Time killer TV
Unless you wait for an unavoidable TV show, keep your TV in hotel room switched off. Rather focus on taking rest, necessary sleep, go to gym or try reading a book. TV shows won’t add value to your trip by all means.

Tip #9: Fighting jet lag
Long range travels cause severe jet lags and fatigue because of being in different time zones. You need to keep note of three things and those are light, food and time. Never sleep unless it is dark outside even if you are tired. Eat light food out of what is offered. Reset your watch according to time zone of your destination and behave accordingly.

Tip #10: Read a local paper
Local paper is good tool to start conversation with locals of another place. Once you know local news, you will be a better fit in that place.

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