Top Literary Bars in New York City


Top Literary Bars in New York City

New York City has been one of the best cities that offer literary bars for book-enthusiasts,something about books and alcohol is affinity. However, booze and magazine/books make natural resemblance and several famous authors preferred to spend time in literary bars in their working period. Following is the top-list of our hand-picked out literary bars to enjoy the cozy environment in the city of lights:

1- Pete’s Tavern
Pete’s Tavern is an old bar, opened in year 1864, around one hundred and fifty years old. A famous American writer O’Henry came to Pete’s Tavern in his active writing period and the bar was named after him after his death. All neoclassical American novels and books including daily magazines and newspapers are served in this bar, along with the different sorts of beverages.

2- Blue Bar – The Algonquin
Algonquin Hotel has been the “hang-out” place for famous writers. Blue bar also served hotel services but the bar was only thing which stands out, due to famous writers hanging out at this simple-bar, it was later converted into a literary bar. In 1920, the bar also included a wide range of books along with the booze, which was the turning point, a rift of NYC locals start visiting the bar to enjoy the cozy the environment.

3- White Horse Tavern
White Horse Tavern is a famous bar in New York City as it is mentioned in several novels and books by best-selling authors. Dylan Thomas a famous American writer used to spend too much time in this bar that he actually died in the same bar.
White Horse Tavern is renovated several times. It’s a quite bar without any annoying noises that helps the customers to sit and read or think with full concentration and drink booze.

4- The Half King Chelsea
It is a bar owned by famous author that promoted the concept of literature along with booze. This bar is also serves as a small restaurant. Seating arrangement is in quite wide range and the few reading material is placed inside the bar to facilitate the customers. Millions of customers come to Half King Chelsea every year. Many famous novels are written under the roof of this bar such as The Perfect Storm by Sebastian Junger, who is also the owner of this bar.

5- Bemelnas Bar – Carlyle Hotel
AS the name suggests, the bar also serves as hotel and a restaurant, but it has the coy vibe to it which makes the customers come again and again. The bar is always full of people drinking and reading rather than having party and making noises, like usual bars which might annoy certain individuals. The bar was named after the famous author named as Ludwig Bemelnas, who wrote several story books for children. He was so inspired by the idea of literary bar, that he actually tried to buy the bar several times. A wide range of people come to this bar to pay respect to Bemelnas.

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