The Jewel of Texas – San Antonio

Texas-San Antonio

Everything is bigger in Texas, and in the lone star state, it doesn’t get huger than San Antonio. Over twenty million history buffs, fun-seekers, and woodsy cowboys stampede San Antonio each year, which entitles the city as the most visited city in Texas and one of America’s top tourist destinations. The city is home to rich colonial heritage, the museums all around the city have preserved the artifacts from the colonial time, which helps everyone to learn better about the city and its history.

Alamo, Texas:
Remember the Alamo? Forgetting in the heartland of Texan rebellion is impossible. Each year, more than two million visitors pay their respect to the Davy Crockett who fought for independence from Mexico here in 1836. Alamo has its photo taken at the average of one photo every seventeen seconds makes the Alamo one of the most photographed places in the United States.
Amid all the battle memorials souvenir raccoon skinned cap, it could be easy to forget that Alamo was one of the five Spanish missions in San Antonio. The chain was the most significant concentration of Catholic missions in the United States. Today you can visit them all on the 8-mile mission trail.

Mission Concepcion:
The old 1731 Mission Concepcion was the site of 1835 skirmish, but unlike the Alamo, Mission Concepcion still works as an active church. It is also the only mission building that has retained its original and symbolic frescos.

La Valletta Historic Art Village and Paseo Del Rio:
Continue your trip through time with a visit to the La Valletta Historic Village. It is considered to be the San Antonio’s first neighborhood. It is a thriving artist community now.

Come back to the future to the ever-buzzing San Antonio’s river walk, a spirited cobblestone stretch of bars, restaurants, and shops. The Paseo Del Rio is the vibrant San Antonio’s entertainment hub; it is usually packed all night long with the visitors and locals. Between November and January, the strip sparkles beneath the canopy of more than one hundred twenty thousand lights, all displayed out along the strip that presents a beautiful view of the illuminations—one would cherish forever. It is part of the San Antonio’s holiday season celebration.

Local Food and restaurants:
San Antonio is also home to one of the leading lights of the modern-American cuisine. Tex-Mex was actually invented here by the local tehanu for Texans with the Mexican descend. The Mitierra café is actually San Antonio’s institution that has been dishing up spicy favorites like Fajitas and chili con carnage since 1941. Originally it was a three table café for the migrant workers, and it now seats over 500. It is well-known for its delicious menu and the strolling musicians playing instruments inside the café, they provide such a relaxing environment for their customers and makes every boring thing look so much better.

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