Houston – There is more to Texas – Capital


The thing about Houston that has everyone hooked on is the rapid change of city; it has been continuously changing since the Houston was marked on the world’s map. Houston was essentially a mid-size city in the last few decades, and now it has emerged as a mega-polis.

About six million people are residing on the land on Houston, the city features an immense amount of diversity, and creating a tremendous amount of opportunities for people all around the world. The city attracts a vast amount of tourists as well—all come down here to experience the delicious food, Houston has also been considered as the food capital of America, the city is home to a great number of restaurants—varying on different cuisines. Houston is also an excellent place for sightseeing. Houston has also had a strong emphasis on art. Thus, the city entertains their guests with Art galleries, Opera, Ballet, top-notch theaters, and raging nightclubs.

NASA’s Space Center Houston
Even though Houston all abounds with beautiful museums, but the NASA’s Space Center Houston is one for you to must-visit while you are down there. Take the space centers’ tour by foot or take a train for the orientation tour of all over the place, the place is the designed by some of the famous designers from the Disney, all the art featured inside the tour tells a new story of fascination. There are a great number of interactive displays that have been showcase inside the center, ranging from the actual artifacts that were used in the actual space missions in the history and the stones and objects brought from the space, that are absolutely priceless.

In case, you are a little left behind on the space discoveries made on the NASA’s missions; you do not need to worry about, well-researched scientists and experts are urging to help you in every aspect, they’ll surely light up the fire of fascination inside anyone’s heart.

The Houston Museum of Natural Science
The Houston Museum of Natural Science is the pure epitome of wonder and fascinations, the objects that are displayed inside the building makes you want to learn more about the life. The Museum’s popularity has been attributed to the number of guest exhibits. The museum was first established in 1909 with the goals of providing free scientific education to the people, but unfortunately, the museum is no longer free, you have to pay extra to visit all the exhibits of the museum. And the Houston museum of natural science consists of 4 floors, and each floor is dedicated to certain exhibit, the exhibits consist of Cockrell Butterfly Center, Burke Baker Planetarium, and Wortham Giant Screen Theater (The former name used for the theater is Wortham Imax Theater). The Houston Museum is under hard working management where they make sure to include new things in the collection over the year so the guests would have the opportunity of learning more.

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