Ausable Chasm – A place of nature and adventure

The Ausable is a beautiful town in New York United States. It owns an amazing example of nature in the form of the Ausable River that flows through it. Its name is related to the Ausable River of it. The town is situated in the southeast angle of the county, south of Plattsburgh.

The hamlet of Keeseville, New York, United States has an amazing attraction for tourist in the form of Ausable Chasm. Ausable Chasm is also having a Nickname the Grand Canyon of the East. It is a sandstone gorge. Ausable Chasm dates back to 1870 when it was open for all. It is also considered to be the oldest and leading natural appeal in the Adirondacks. Visitors love to explore its nature and their number reaches to more than 10 million. Visitors have explored the nature and beauty of chasm on the charming nature trails. It owns an incredible view by involving attractive vistas, bridges, and stairs. It is of that nature that it accommodates adventurous activities in it. That is the reason it is considered to be a hub of adventure. It is also famous for the activities like tubing, rock climbing, rappelling, day tours, winter tours, night tours, lantern tours, Adventure Trail (cable course) and like float tours (by means of the raft). Adventure is enhanced by Cafe, campground, gift shops, cabins and a lot more. A stone gorge with the thrill and fun is the other name of Ausable Chasm.

Crown attractions of Ausable Chasm
Being a part of New York, it has heaps of charming adventures as compare to many other places of New York. Ausable River that flows through it adds a beauty and thrill to the adventures. A perfect example of geological marvels stretches for more or less 2 miles (3.2 kilometers). It has a depth of 200 feet (61 meters). There are many attractive ways to get pleasure from the chasm. It ranges from outdoor activities to relaxing places. This remarkable gorge in Keeseville has many options and attractions for its guests with excellent services and guidance.

Ausable Chasm has an amazing arrangement of well-organized trails. Hiking can be enjoyed here. There are many places that hikers would love to hike. Biking has many options in the form of biking trails of about 15 miles (24 kilometers). Bikers of all ages and of all staged are accommodated. Biking opportunities are not only for those who are good at biking but beginners and intermediates cyclists also got the chances along with the guide. Good cyclic guidance would defiantly improve skills of beginners.

Travel through the gorge on a raft or inflatable tubes that float on the river is a crown attraction. Gigantic cliffs and extraordinary rock formations can be enjoyed by inflatable tubes that glide over the water of the river. There are many trained guides for the supervision of rock climbing or rappelling. The floating river and climbing rappel experience above the river are full of adventure.

Ausable also provides a wide range of tour for certain activities. In fact, all activities are planned and well managed in tours. Tours are also facilitated by trained instructors. So tours are not only fun but an opportunity of learning many skills.

Tours of AuSable Chasm

Day tours
Day tours are a pleasant source of many activities. It involves enjoying walking by walking tours or other thrilling fun. The weather is pleasant in the summer and spring season that’s why many spring tours add beauty to the memories of their visitors.

Night tours
There are still more mesmerizing ways to practice Ausable Chasm. Night tours are really full of fun along with adventure. These tours are guided tours. These night tours are enlightened by the lanterns. Lanterns are enjoyed by visitors and their light adds life to the dark shadows of Ausable Chasm because the only light is coming off the lanterns of visitors. Lantern tours are provided during the summer months only in some days of a week. Exploring the dim darkness of the chasm walls is an overwhelming view. The tour campfire is an additional beauty of the tours.

Winter tours
In the past Ausable chasm was famous for summer tours but now winter tours are also now provided to visitors. Stunning ice formations and frozen water are a beauty to enjoy in winters. This amazing place is open for the visitors throughout the year. Major holidays reduce visiting hours and winter session also reduces the number of visitors. Lovers of scenery and tranquility can have the best time in winters along with fewer crowds with the availability of the entire Park to the visitors.

Classic tour
The classic tour is available following a least one-mile walk throughout the Chasm by giving a relaxing scenic float through the lower chasm on the legendary Ausable River with a skilled instructor. Instructors and safety measures are the beauty of the tours in Ausable Chasm.

Other attractions
Ausable Chasm is not the only attraction in the area. The town of Keeseville involves Ausable Chasm along with architecture, with its exemplary three Ausable River bridges. Ausable Chasm is available with its beauty year-round; the availability for activities and tours is dependent on the seasons.

It is not a place of some natural sights but also accommodated other best destinations for its visitors. Tours & trails in the region of natural rock walls are also enhanced by other incredible destination and attractions like North Star Underground Railroad Museum, Rainbow Falls, Serenity Garden, Double-Span Metal Pratt Truss Bridge, Anderson Falls Heritage. So after enjoying adventure other above-mentioned places can also be enjoyed by its visitors. So, all tastes of visitors are well managed in Ausable Chasm.

Such thrilling sights need a relaxed and different nature of accommodations. It is a beauty and its nature is waiting for guests in Ausable Chasm, that’s why accommodations are of variety. These services are given in relation to the nature of the place to enjoy by its visitors. It can be in the form of cabins, camping or air-conditioned hotels.

Ausable Chasm Cabins
The Adirondacks are well recognized for their affluent camping history. The cabins are available on rent with many options. Some cabins do not allow pets and demand your own linens and sleeping bags. So the cabins are fun to experience as accommodation. Follow their instructions and enjoy the trip.

Ausable Chasm Campground
Being an amazing attraction in the Adirondacks it is full of outdoor activities along with indoor activities as well. Camping in Ausable Chasm is a fun for visitors. Camping at Ausable Chasm is loaded with fun and activities like playgrounds, swimming, nighttime volleyball shuffleboard, basketball, and disc golf. Views with activities are the highlight of camping at Ausable Chasm. Beautiful grounds and the wide sky is the charm of camping for the visitors.

Ausable Chasm Local lodging partners
The Adirondack Park is also providing accommodations to the visitors in many others forms, from cabins, campground to calm motel room with air conditioning. So, it is up to the guests of Ausable Chasm, what they choose for themselves. From leisure to thrill, all can be a part of the desired accommodation. The different taste of visitors has been always a priority of Ausable Chasm. So, all visitors have many choices according to nature and the seasons as well.

Food is that item on any trip that cannot be ignored or compromised. Good food adds flavor to the trip. Ausable Chasm is not lacking behind in providing a variety of food along with excellent services by restaurants. Food is also of variety and available in many places like Mc Lean’s Family Restaurant, North Country Club Restaurant, Clover Mead Café, Pleasant Corner Restaurant, Ausable Chasm Brewing Company and Living good’s Restaurant & Brewery. Fast food restaurants are everywhere with all varieties. Food, fun, and thrill all are there for the guests.

Shopping is that element of any trip that adds beauty to its memories. Items can be shopped for yourself and for your loved ones. Certain Gift Shop of Ausable Chasm is providing interesting shopping experience items like souvenirs, local crafts, and products T-shirts and an extensive diversity of exclusive gifts to entertain anyone.

So, simply a must visited place along with certain dimensions from relaxing modes to thrilling fun, Ausable Chasm has all in all it. This full package is provided throughout the year in the form of activities and tours. Nature lovers and adventure admiring people have a lot in it. The most amazing thing is that cameras would love its scenery and can have excellent experience of pictures and their feel. So get ready for the thrill and adventure of Ausable Chasm with your cameras in any season. Tours and services are there to make you feel best during your trip.

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