Arizona – Home of Grand Canyon


Arizona is the sixth largest and one of the most populated states of America. Arizona is located in the southwestern region of America and the state is mostly covered by the mountains but the southern portion of the Arizona state is known for its deserted land. However, the climate of the state is desert hot and there is also a considerable winter snowfall, therefore making it an all four excessive seasonal state. Arizona is one of the most tourist attractive states as the state resides the most enticing attraction; Grand Canyon. However, the state offers a number of other visiting spots including the view landscapes of mountains, forests, waterfalls, greenery. A massive number of visitors are recorded every year that enjoys and explore this magnificent Arizona State. About one forth part of Arizona is a home to Native American Tribes. Arizona is growing quite rapidly and developing certain major attractions as well, including monuments, museums, parks and other attractive centers. To plan a journey to Arizona State in any season would definitely be an amazing experience for the visitors.

Top Places of Arizona

Grand Canyon
Grand Canyon is the main attraction of Arizona State, carved by the Colorado River and it is one of the most visited places in the state. Grand Canyon covers a massive portion of land and the steep formation of land is quite fascinating to view. Grand Canyon is divided into two major parts; South Rim and the West Rim. Visitors can also take an aerial view of the Canyon. There is so much to do at the Canyons such hiking, rafting the canyons, photographing and exploring the location.

Desert Botanical Garden
The Desert Botanical Garden is located in Papago Park, covers one hundred and forty acres of land. Mostly the plantation in the park is the native fauna; the southern Arizona plantation, that includes several enticing species of Cactus and numerous others. A massive number of visitors from all over the globe visit this park and view the magnificent plantations.

Heard Museum
Heard Museum is a kind of a quite unique museum that depicts the history and the modern native culture of Arizona State. Visitors can learn many things about the native culture of the Arizona state while exploring the Heard Museum. There are several sculptures, informative photographs and other equipment depicting the same message for the visitors. It is quite fun to explore the Heard museum and it attracts a massive number of visitors.

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