The city of Lights – Paris


Also known as the city of lights, Paris, which is the capital of France, is a stunningly mind-blowing city with a very peaceful and romantic atmosphere; Because of its beauty, this city attracts millions of tourists every year. Of course, the divine cuisines and the vast art collections deserve some credit as well, but glowing streetlamps, the calm and gentle River Seine which flows through the city, centuries-old churches, and fantabulous architectural designs are the major elements that attract so many people to visit and explore this city.

Best time to visit Paris is during the months June till August; with perfect cold-breezes, at night that send chills down your spine and lovely sunny mornings are the top qualities about Paris if visited during the mentioned months. Some people say that Parisians are unfriendly or rude to foreigners, so the best way to remove this ambiguity is to learn a little French if possible; words such as Bonjour (hello or good day) or Bonsoir (good evening) are going to make all the difference in your trip.

Paris is a standout amongst the most chic urban cities on the planet. Leave the fanny packs at home. After all, everybody from Marie Antoinette and Coco Chanel to Yves Saint Laurent and Christian Lacroix got their start in the high-fashion industry in Paris — and their impact remains. Mix in with local people by dressing gorgeously and taking pride in what you wear. Do note that certain clothing items such as shorts and sneakers are disapproved of and frowned upon, particularly in restaurants and night clubs.

France uses the euro, and major credit cards are used at most establishments in Paris. Since the euro to U.S. dollar swapping scale varies, be certain to check what the present conversion scale is before you go. Remember the swapping scale when you tip and make buys. Some small bakeries or bistros may just take liquid cash, however, so just research ahead into time. Cab drivers tend to expect a 5 to 10 percent tip, however ordinarily adjusting to the closest euro. You may likewise experience to pay the fee for using the restrooms in some restaurants. If the fee is not collected ahead of the use of facilities, it is polite to leave a few cents or a euro for the bathroom attendants.

The ideal approach to get around Paris is on foot. Still, Paris is huge, so you ought to take the efficient metro system (Métropolitain) to travel long distances. Those heading out to Paris via air can arrive at Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG), around 15 miles upper east of the downtown area, or Paris Orly Airport (ORY), around 12 miles south of the city.In case you’re traveling from other French or European cities, you may find that the train is the least expensive approach to get to Paris. TGV high-speed trains run throughout France, and you can travel between other European countries on SCNF rail. The city has six main train stations, so you’ll be able to get from the station to your hotel easily and without any hindrances.

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