Top 5 Peculiar Museums in Chicago

Museum of Science and Industry

Around hundreds of museums are located in Chicago and all the museums have their own specific sort of attraction and uniqueness due to their historic and ancient commodities. The Top 5 unique and peculiar museums in the Chicago are listed below.

1- International Museum of Surgical Science:
It is located in the West Coast of Chicago, operated by international college of surgical science. The museum depicts history, development and advancement in both surgical science and related medical fields. There are several medicated human bone structures and various extinct and unique animal structures displayed.

The organ of human beings such as lungs and heart are shown in the working status by the professional doctors of college. Ancient way of treating a patient and their equipment are also displayed along with their guided note on how people in the past had used.

2- American Toby Jug Museum:
American Toby Jug Museum is a unique museum that contains the collection of Toby and Jug character, founded by single individual “Stephen Mullins” who started collecting these characters in beginning of his age 13 and until now it has been more than 65 years of his collection.

There are up to fifty thousand Toby and Jug characters made of ceramic and mud designed by several historic artists. These characters depict the way people wear clothes and the way they look like depending on their culture and time of living. It has the most enormous collection of Toby and Jug characters in the world.

3- Logan Hardware Vintage Arcade Museum:
The theme of the Logan Hardware Vintage museum is that people can live in nostalgia or interactive nostalgia by playing the old arcade games. There is a record store inside the museum, which sells the classical game and records.

Logan Hardware is basically a used record store sporting a bonus of ’80s arcade in its back room. Well, after flicking through the bins of rock, funk and the Chicago band LPs – and scoring, let’s say, a Chess Records forty five of Pigmeat Markham – you can celebrate with a knockdown game of good old’ Donkey Kong. Pac-Man, Dolly Parton pinball and up to thirty other games whir, honk and speak in the robot voices in the gallery. And the best part of all, they’re all free to play as well, as long as you purchase a bit of vinyl first.

4-Museum of Science and Industry:
It is the largest science museum in Chicago. It has fourteen acres of space. More than 75% of the museum was reinvented in the past three years. There is an artificial real-life tornado created by the scientists, the tornado is forty feet tall and the visitors move around in circle to manipulate the tornado in the center of their moving circle.

You should not leave museum without seeing the 515 submarine compelling a true story in 1944 of the German submarine captured by the USA. A bone structure of dinosaur is placed in the main hall of the museum, found on the hills of South Dakota. There are more than fifty thousand animal creatures that has been extinct are placed in the lobby for enthusiasts. Museum of Science and industry is considered to be the most unique museum in America.

5- Chicago Sports Museum:
In order to understand the Chicago’s tortured sports psyche, you must check out the memorabilia-filled cases right beside the Harry Caray’s 7th Inning Stretch atop Water Tower Place mall right at the Chicago Sports museum. Shake your head in grief at the last-out ball from the 1945 World Series. You can examine the Sammy Sosa’s corked bat as well as the infamous Bartman ball. The Chicago Sports Museum also enshrines relics for Da Bears, White sox, Black hawks, and Bulls. It costs $6 for the admission, but it’s free of cost if you eat or drink at the attached-restaurant.

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