Explore Washington DC


You’ve found out about America’s capital city in reading material; however, there’s nothing like exploring Washington DC up close, you encounter far beyond an entryway to the past or a look at the flexing force of government; recent years have secured its place as a world-class social capital. Famous for its incredible accumulation of exhibition halls and historical troves, DC likewise is original music, culinary, and nightlife center point. Explore Washington DC whenever you get the chance in your life, this full-of- life capital should be a top priority on your bucket list!

Spring is the best time to visit when you may be fortunate enough to see the cherry blossoms in bloom. However, fall is mellow, as well. During summer weather is too hot and moist to bear. During the holidays, the White House Christmas tree can be seen, and some theaters perform great Christmas exhibitions all season. If you have enough time, you can explore Washington DC by walking through the streets as it a small town with people full of heart. On the other hand, DC handles its transportation very well; The Metro subway system (distance determines payment), the bus, (fares from $1.75 to $4) that goes around town and to nearby suburbs, and there are a lot of taxicabs, as well.

The majority of the attractions in D.C. are situated on the National Mall, the West End, and Capitol Hill. While there are numerous maps on display throughout the city, you should print and carry the official National Mall map with you, which also includes the vast majority of the West End and Capitol Hill. The National Mall is an amusing National Park, including monuments, memorials, museums, and fantastic government structures instantly recognizable to people throughout the world. The Washington Monument, Reflecting Pool, the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial, the Vietnam War Memorial, the Lincoln Memorial, the National Air and Space Museum, the National Gallery of Art, the National Museum of Natural History, and the Holocaust Museum, are a few of the must-visit attractions on the National Mall.

The White House, the Kennedy Center, and the Textile Museum are in the West End. The Capitol Building and the Supreme Court are on Capitol Hill. Another fascination here that shouldn’t be missed is the Library of Congress, which has the most delightful design. Another exciting attraction is the free National Zoo in Upper Northwest; it is one of the country’s most prestigious zoos, and the National Cathedral is a dazzling mammoth. Dupont Circle is home to much of Embassy Row; it is a great stretch of some expensive and state-of- the-art manors, and also a few beautiful little exhibition halls, for example, the Phillips Collection and the Woodrow Wilson House.

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