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Seattle – A seaport city

Seattle is the largest city of Washington’s state. It is a beautiful seaport city with an amazing surrounding of water. It is considered to be a city of many dimensions with the seaport, evergreen forests, and mountains. It is also a beautiful city and very close to nature. You will find different National Parks here. Seattle has a worth mentioning musical record of two dozen jazz nightclubs. It is also linked with the birthplace of the rock music. Seattle is a city in the Pacific Northwest on Puget Sound. It is also home to a great tech industry Amazon and Microsoft.

Its climate has an important feature in the form of The Puget Sound Convergence Zone. The climate of Seattle is classified as oceanic Mediterranean climate. Intense heat waves are rare in the Seattle area, that’s why its winter is cool and mild. Its summers are dry. Seattle naturally receives a little snowfall on a yearly basis, but heavy snow is infrequent. It is a hub of many activities along with many amazing attraction for the sightseers. Visitors will find everything here from cultural sites and amazing performances to delicious food.

Best timing to visit
If you are planning to visit Seattle then it is important to know about the best timing to visit this beautiful city. As it is a hub of many attractions for the visitors that is the reason visitors come here from May to Sep. The main reason behind these months being most visited is due to the fact that the city hosts many events like the Seattle International Film Festival. This event is organized in May. This event is followed by Seafair which is organized in July. The month of September brings along different festivals with it like boat races, marathons and parades; and Bumbershoot. Visitors are also welcomed by an international music and arts festival. From Nov to May this place enjoys the rainy season. Visitors not only enjoy the weather but also many outdoor activities.

A city of beauty does not disappoint when it comes to shopping. Visitors can enjoy the beauty of the city along with shopping. There are many famous places to shop from. In fact, it is a popular destination amongst shopaholic. Some worth mentioning places for shopaholics are Uni village, Pacific place, and Westlake center.

It is a city of many events. In fact, it hosts different events throughout the year. People enjoy many festivals in Seattle. Some important festivals are Seattle International Film Festival, Seafair event, art, and music festival. Visors plan their schedule based on the event they are interested in. So, one can say that these events are the main reason behind the huge popularity of Seattle as a tourist destination.

Museums and art
Museums are quite popular among tourists. Seattle not only hold shopping places and event but also museums and art in it. The most famous museums include The Seattle Art Museum, The Frye Art Museum, Northwest African American Museum, Seattle Metropolitan Police Museum and the Museum of History and Industry. Art lover can find their love in some of the popular art galleries located in the city. That is the reason it is a hub for everything.

Outdoor activities
Seattle has a package of many outdoor activities to offer to visitors. Seattle’s soft, clement, aquatic climate allows year-round outdoor amusement., the list of those activities is long which includes walking, hiking, cycling snowboarding, skiing, rock mountaineering, motor boating, sailing, team sports, swimming, and kayaking. Waterways Cruises, Seattle Seaplanes, All Rivers & Saltwater Charters, Air Tours, and All-Star Fishing Charters are also included in outdoor activities.

Parks are the highlight of Seattle. Olympic national park, Mount Rainier national park, Discovery Park, Gas Works Park Seward Park, and Myrtle Edwards Park are parks that are popular throughout the world. These Parks are beautiful and offer a perfect opportunity for sightseeing. Most of the people visit Seattle just to visit these beautiful Parks. You will find the nature at its best in these Parks.

There are many beautiful places for the sightseers to enjoy in Seattle. Seaport is it’s a beauty and evergreen forests are just jaw-dropping. Other than these places there are many other beautiful places like Pioneer Square, King Street Station, University District, Pike Place Market, Space Needle, and Washington State Ferries. Seattle is very famous for these exploring destinations.

Fun & Games
It has another attractive aspect in the form of Games. Some interesting fun games involve REI Climbing Pinnacle, Ninja vs. Zombies, Flats tick and Meeples Games.

Accommodations are just worth mentioning here because all are excellent in their services. Some good hotels are Hotel Sorrento, the Edgewater, A Noble House Hotel and Sheraton Seattle Hotel.

The best thing that a person requires in his trip is food. Seattle is not only powerful in its cultural diversity but this diversity also reflects in its food. Pho, Cream Cheese Hot Dog, The Seattle Dog, Fran’s Chocolates, Coffee, Cupcake bakery and Teriyaki are delicious to taste in Seattle. Missing their taste is like missing real taste of Seattle taste.

Simply Seattle is a must visit place. It is a full package of beauty and many outdoor activities. Being culturally diverse its diversity is its power and this diversity is reflected in almost all items of this beautiful destination; even in its food as well.