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Page, Arizona – US

Page is tourism rich country located in Coconino County in the northern part of one of the most attractive United States, Arizona. It is situated near Lake Powell, a big source of attraction itself among visitors. The city has natural beauty, green parks, coastal charm, wonderful rocks, museums, bars and lots of touristy options. Kayaking, fishing, walking, watching sunsets and visits to landmarks and other touristy places are the most well-known hobbies among the visitors to Page.

Around 40 years, the concept of a city Page was unknown. With the ending years of 1950, the city came on the map as one of the newest cities in America. The city began on Manson Mesa as a building camp for working staff constructing the closely situated Glen Canyon Dam. As the time ran, the population went up and the city sought a footing very close to the south of the Utah Border. Then the year of 1957 started and the streets of the city were begun to be founded on the ground which was a combination of rock and sand with lots of slopes.

It is hard to consider that Page that attracts countless visitors today was carved out of infertile land. Business was introduced to the city in early years and the first residents of Page remember the progress of the city in leaps and bounds from metal framework to frontier end. The longest building came of Babbitt Brothers Trading Company followed by various other shops, stations and buildings. Lake Powell Boulevard began to surface churches in the starting years. The boulevard area, known as Church Row among the people of city, was granted as land for 12 religious buildings.

The construction of permanent homes began with only 100 at start. After this, another set of hundred homes was certified by the Bureau of Reclamation. In 1968 and 1969, the selling of houses began. Most of the houses, sold at that time, still have residents. Page was formally and properly got its standing in 1974, when after a positive voting by the inhabitants, a resolution was made on formal basis. The bureaubestowed the 16.7 acres of ground to the new building of the city and gave building, equipment and donations to functionalize the municipality. Its name was designed after John C. Page, a supporter of the West projects. He prominently served in reclamation projects. He kicked the bucket in 1955 after the newly initialization of the town.

Now, the city attracts over 3 million tourists on an annual basis. The city, as a heart of tourism to Lake Powell, Bryce, Monument Valley and Grand Canyon, presents its travelling services. The population is around 8, 0000 people, who earn their bread and butter through Lake Powell, Dam and Navajo Generating Station mostly.

Page is a wonderful place for eating, sleeping, enjoying and seeing marvelous places. There are lots of things to do and lots of points to visit in this full of tourism attractions town. You can arrange tours after picking up from the great variety of tours available like wildlife trips, nightlife trips, kayaking, boating, nature trips, walking trips, etc. A list of those places is given below with short descriptions.

The Grand Canyon National Park
The Grand Canyon is a wonderful place to visit. Its vastness and colorful views add to its beauty and place it among the world’s seven natural marvels.

Though the world has deeper canyons than this, but its vistas have made it unique among all. Biologically it is immensely noteworthy because of the great sequence of time’s old rocks that are splendidly preserved and kept in Canyon’s walls. These thick rocks present a lot of the history of North America.

The canyon edge has unique experience of beauty and grandeur for the visitors as it attracts over 5 million tourists to the South Rim. There are various miles of cemented and unpaved paths along the South Rim. The same appreciation goes true for the North Rim of the canyon. The outstandingly beautiful views magnetize a huge range of visitors to this point. This rim also has walkways to lead the sightseers to the glory of the canyon. North Rim is more hardly accessed, that is why it has less tourism that South Rim.

Those, who really love adventure, are recommended to move to the inner canyon for true excitement and venture. Professional hikers can move down to the Colorado River through the available trails. These trails are helpful to those visitors who love adventures with a less tiring practice. Overall, they offer a marvelous climb up and climb down experience to hikers.

And here comes another fresh and hypnotizing tourist magnetism is The Grand Canyon Skywalk. This attraction is all about a walkway after a horseshoe shape, going long over the3 edge permitting the tourist to glance straight down, approximately 4,000 feet underneath the down edge of the canyon.

Perhaps the most suitable way to explore the canyon is arranging a Gran Canyon Rafting Trip where the thunderous Colorado River roars and gives way to go down.

Antelope Canyon
Antelope Canyon is filled with the most soul-sapping and peaceful places to see. To see the real grandeur of Page, Arizona, it is one forthe most recommended tourist points. Smoothly carved from the Navajo brickwork over the course of hundreds of centuries, the slot canons are really worth seeing. The magnificent coiling thin slots with a room enough for a small set of people to walk together – and a rare, magnificent duct of sunlight from upper side.

There are two divisions of Antelope Canyon – Upper Antelope and Lower Antelope. Each of them comprises secreted slots engraved from films of churning sandstones by recurring streams, and both use up into Lake Powell, all this making the point even more touristy. The narrowness of the canyons is remarkable. The visitors can only draw out their arms to stroke both sides simultaneously.

The Upper Antelope is about 4,000 feet high from the sea and the walls reach the height of 120 feet from the streambed which is sandy and beautiful. Lower one is “Hasdetwazi” and uniquely worth seeing. Both Antelopes are situated within the Navajo Nation’s LeChee Chapter.

There are two things that make this canyon something really valuable and an amazing tourist point. Though waterless most of the time of year, Antelope Canyon can have floods now and then when rains come frequently. This rainwater plays a crucial role and carving and shaping the rocks and giving then curve by washing away sandstone gradually. Wind also plays its role to give perfect scenic beauty to the formation of these rocks and producing breathtaking beautiful views.

Overall, both antelopes are worth visiting offering multiple touristy factors. A guided tour, which is always guided, to these antelopes can give the tourists countless chances to enjoy and gain information which is both historical and geological. The adventurous factor of the visit can also be appreciated of this tour point.

Glen Canyon Dam spell on the visitors.
Another wonderful and worth enjoying beautiful point in Page, Arizona, is Glen Canyon Dam which has great role in putting the city among world’s seven natural marvels. The natural beauty of the dam is coupled with adventurous visit making the dam a complete and matchless natural marvel to know about and stroll around. The atmosphere puts a crucial role in forming a potential natural view with touch and feel where mind sticks between the extremes of awesomeness and awfulness. The scenic beauty of the dam, which is both splendidly charming and potentially deadly, throws a spell on the visitors.

The dam is vast and immense. Its height reaches 710 feet from the bedrock of Colorado River passing a large crest as long as 1560 foot. The thickness is 300 feet at the bottom where 9 trillion gallons of water can reign. The construction of the dam was accomplished in 1963, the level of the lake reached its peak in 1980, after many years of accomplishment. There is an authentic source to collect information about Glen Canyon Dam and the lake, the name of this source is Hayden Visitor Centre. If you go to visit this dam, this source is a must to visit to know what you must know to complete the experience. This is available from 8 to 5 on a daily basis besides national events like New Year holiday or Christmas. During summer season, it is opened for more time. Guided tours will be really informative and enjoyable, but if visitors live self-guided tours, they can take them.

Overall, a guided or self-guided tour to this natural beauty will suffice you with an unforgettable touristy experience, which will always reign in your memory flaming up your desire to hit the spot once more.

John Wesley Powell Museum Page
A big tourist attraction in the city is John Wesley Powell Museum. The museum has a lot of things to provide information and enjoyment. The dinosaur section is the biggest source of attraction in the museum. Even when they have visited the museum, they think to visit it again with remaining loved ones to stroll around the area of dinosaur. This wildlife mirror and the reflection of natural awe and beauty play an important role in drawing visitors.

Besides, those who always cherish a quest for history and biological information will love this museum as it is itself an institute to teach you a lot about the museum and Lake Powell.

The self-guided tour to John WesleyPowell Museum, Page, with your loved ones will make your day brilliant and worth capturing in camera. The beautiful photographs at various places of the museum will throw great impression on your friends along with keeping your memory afresh about what you and your family had seen and enjoyed that glorious day.

Lake Powell Playhouse
The city, Page, offers lots of natural and progressive beauty. It mirrors the awe of nature, history and talent. While visiting the city and enjoying its charms, nights mean to spend in more arranged ways. The night outs in the city are fantastic if you really pay attention to make your night fun time with your family.

Lake Powell Playhouse is a shining name among all great night attractions of the time. The performance of Oklahoma is something worth enjoying and appreciating with family. the characters, performance, melody, customizations, arrangements, stage and everything related to the performance is ideal. The whole time becomes a treasure of entertainment while sitting among the smiling and glowing faces of your loved ones. No doubt, the night fun of the city is unveiled in Lake Powell Playhouse.

It is another way to look at the colorful side of Page. A city which has amazing natural things to attract attention also has its colorful side with theaters like Lake Powell Playhouse. It is a place where you can see the colors of life and improvement of civilization to an extent where the understanding of literature and performance can hypnotize the audience. The talent of performance cannot be denied for having matchless practice, understanding of their character and professionalism. The melodious environment in the theatre makes the experience much more enjoyable, where audience will forget about the world and its crazes outside the theatre. During you enjoy the performances, your whole world will shrink into the small room of a theater where things are lifelike and teaching you peace and tranquility amid the madness of the modern time.

Navajo Nation’s Monument Valley Park
A beautiful and awesome tourist destination in Page, waiting for you to grant a matchless experience, is Navajo Nation’s Monument Valley Park. This is a point which will grant you a gloriously unforgettable experience of a place that is among the most photographed views of the world. On the planet earth, this valley park boasts one of the most majestic experiences. Organizing a tour to this place will be valuable and worth the money you spend. Your quest for natural beauty and heights of amazement will sufficiently be quenched after you complete the tour. Only glancing on that huge tower in desktop wallpapers gives a satisfactory sight to eyes.

This wonderful immense valley has sandstone works of art which goes up to the heights of 400 to 1000 feet. The travelling clouds that are frequent in the valley, usually throw a shadow on the desert ground making the view much more scenic and mirroring the nature in its most original forms. Besides, the angle of the sun in the desert meets the perfection and spellbinds the sightseer by looking a compulsory and extremely ideal part of the overall scenery. The view of the valley park is something that goes above everything related to the visitation.

The awfulness of the landscape not only comes from its splendor and fantastic views, but also by its immensity and hugeness. The size of the desert is itself impressive and making it a worth seeing place in a city which is called one of the seven natural wonders of the world. The delicate peaks of rocks are encircled by miles of hills and mesas, green trees, shrubs and sand in journey, all creating the awesome and incredibly colorful valley. Those, who have enjoyed this beautiful land are of the opinion that perhaps nothing on the planet earth can match the sequence and the perfection of things to each other to form such a wonderful view like this. The visitors, sensitive to scenery, cannot control their excitement and emotions after stepping into the desert and glancing its amazement. The floor, the sky, the atmosphere and everything about this valley park is just hypnotizing, especially to the eye which is sensitive to colors and scenes.

Paria Canyon – Vermillion Cliffs Wilderness
A ground covering 112,500 acres of wildland comprising garden and red rock is called Paria Canyon. The Vermillion Cliffs is one of the brilliantly fantastic and dreamily dramatic rock formations on the ground. The count of these rocks is just impossible like the level of wonder it instills in the mind of its viewer. These cliffs reach the height of 3, 000 feet with a redness that perfectly suits their name. Another huge landform is the Coyote Buttes. These hills have been carved out by wind and water so beautifully that the eye can’t believe. The rocks have incredible beauty for the visitors.

The Paria Canyon, which is always full of new surprises, has lots of things to do there like hiking. The river follows the walkway of the visitors side by side and reaches the full length of the canyon. The stretches of the rivers lead some of its points to open sky, where the reflection of sun creates marvelous illusions of light forming splendid scenes of natural beauty. The open and hidden parts of the river, reflecting their outer world respectively remind us the grandeur of those magical domes and creations in the dreams of classical poets, who just loved nature.

This wilderness attracts lots of hikers every year. The hikers, whether hypnotized or buy, whether coming to Coyote Buttes or Vermillion Cliffs, reach this point every year in great number. Anyhow, the most prominent hiker in this wilderness ever had been Buckskin Gulch, who had great enthusiasm and experience of hiking. Only professional hikers should try this rock, but if you only pass by you will love to have a glance to the depths and lengths of the rocks. The water area is also a fascinating thing about the wilderness. The water beauty in the heart of a desert has uniquely magnetizing essence. The winding and twisting water and fighting rocks, creating a roar, make the scene close mirror to the awe of nature.

The nature lovers cannot resist the power of wilderness to win their hearts. This is the reason that every year a huge range of visitors heads to this point. They love to see the water beauty, the desert glory and hiking adventures.

Pipe Spring National Monument
To reach Indian American, initial discovery and pioneer history, one of the most wonderful points is Pipe Spring National Monument.It is a wild region where animals, birds, plants and people are living on the water springing up from the pipe. Early Indian explorers collected grass seeds, grew crops and hunted different animals on the place where water has been springing for 1, 000 years at the minimum. It is also a good source to tell much about Mormon history, for example; the Mormon pioneers carried animals to the land and by 1872 they built a fort over where the water sprang. They give the fort a name ‘Winsor Castle’ and made it first ranch operation place, after this a Mormon church was built for the same purpose with larger arrangements. This sole outpost provided a station place to the people going across the Arizona Strip. For polygamist wives, who used it as shelter in 1880’s and 1890’s, it became a valuable thing. It has

It is also a good source to tell much about Mormon history, for example; the Mormon pioneers carried animals to the land and by 1872 they built a fort over where the water sprang. They give the fort a name ‘Winsor Castle’ and made it first ranch operation place, after this a Mormon church was built for the same purpose with larger arrangements. This sole outpost provided a station place to the people going across the Arizona Strip. For polygamist wives, who used it as shelter in 1880’s and 1890’s, it became a valuable thing. It has a great deal of things to tell about early Indian and Mormon Explorers and how they lived and tried to improve their lives. In the year 1923, the pipe was purchased and declared as a national monument presenting a mix bag of history.

Now, it is a tourist center and museum giving a treasure of knowledge on the pipe and its use by Indian explorers and Mormon pioneers. It has gardens, green orchards, longhorns, chickens, horses, historical items and a trail taking you back to the ways of life of American Indians in the early days.

Rainbow Bridge National Monument
The Rainbow Bridge National Monument has been casting a spell on humans through its huge size, immensity, mysterious atmosphere, majestic view and inspiring look. It came to be famous in early 20th century and attracted a huge deal of people. Since then, it has been a great source of attraction in page of thousands of visitors around the four corners of the world. It has as great size that seems to touch the heights of the Statue of Liberty. For the considerable length and width, Rainbow Bridge is counted as the world’s longest natural bridge ever.

Popped among the rough, lonely canyons at the bottom of Navajo Mountain, this bridge had name for millions of the years by the Native Americans who inhabited this area. The people of the area had strong belief in the holy powers of the bridge. Even, some of the descendents of the families of that time still live in adjoining areas of the bridge.

The simplest way to reach this bridge is by hiring a boat on the lake. There are various boats available there for the tourists. You can rent one for you and your family to have easy journey to the destination. A port is situated around ¼ miles from the Rainbow Bridge. The second option to get this bridge is by hiking, which is far harder than boating.

The Wave
The Wave, a rough and awesome stretch of sandstone, is situated close to Arizona- Utah border. The rugged and isolated grandeur of the rocky ground, formed by wearing away the sand grain layer after grain layer, shaped twisting hills and rolling waves. This area requires stamina and hard efforts to get it.

This area has limited permits on a daily basis. The minimum number of people on a daily basis is 20, which is extended when spring falls on the desert land of The Wave, because that is a hiking season. In that season, 50 to 60 people are permitted through lottery.

Hikers with a permit get on a 6 mile long, round tour without any trail, have wonderful hiking experience of sandstone rock. This is a land with one of the toughest hiking experiences. People who love photography art and hiking crazily head to this area in the spring season to become a part of The Wave for the specific spring.

Page, a city which earned visitors after a very short span of existence and became an important part of the country’s business and tourism industry, is worth seeing. The walking trips, introducing the surprises of natural and wild beauty with interceptions of civilizations and talent, show the balance of natural and industrial world in the city. The other trips like hiking and kayaking are other worth enjoying things in Page. The share of city in the overall tourism industry of the United States is considerable. The list, given above, is not just an end to what this city offers to the visitors.

If you are interested in the history of the city, you need not explore it on the internet or through books if you are ready to visit the city. The monuments and museums have enough records to reveal everything your educationthirsty mind can desire for. Specific places offer specific categories of timeless historical treasures. Above all, the wildlife of the city deserves appreciation. The wild beauty and natural phenomena are present here in their most original form to captivate your soul.