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Cherry Blossom in Washington DC

There are many occasions in the world where man has the urge to do extravagant celebrations. These occasions are some of those occasions which are really especial to that person or the population of the area. One such celebration is known as National Cherry Blossom Festival, this festival is celebrated in many cities and countries, but here we will talk specifically about Cherry Blossom in Washington DC. The Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington DC is a kind of spring celebration and is done as a remembrance of the March 2, 1912 gift of Japanese cherry trees which were sent by the Mayor of Tokyo to Washington DC.

These cherry trees were gifted to America by the mayor of Tokyo to make the ties of the two countries stronger and enhance the growing bond of friendship between the two countries. Now, the Cherry Blossom Festival has many more things including large helium balloons, floats, marching bands, music and many more events. There are a few interesting facts that are related to the Cherry Blossom Festival and we might start with those.

The most popular question at the time of the festival is that what is the peak bloom time or date for the cherry blossom flowers. The answer to that is that the peak bloom date is never uniform, it keeps on changing, last year it was 10th April while the year before it was 4th April. There is no perfect way to identify the date, but rough estimations always exist.

During the festival, every single person wants to see the cherry blossoms bloom but since there is such a great crowd there, it becomes really difficult to see. The best place to visit during this festival is the Tidal Basin, it is near the Jefferson Memorial and is the perfect place to be if you wish to see the cherry blossoms bloom. Most of the blossoms are located near the Tidal Basin but some clusters of trees can be found at the National Mall and the Lincoln Memorial.

There is no perfect time to visit the festival to see the blossoms because each moment you spend there, is a time well spent. Although if you want to be the first one there then going there early in the morning or early evening is the perfect time. You should never make the mistake of going there on the weekend because it is the busiest day of them all.

The festival is celebrated throughout the city, if you are staying at a hotel then you can also easily notice that the hotels also offer a cherry blossom themed package. There are also special discounts which may include bloom inspired chocolates, meals or a cocktail.

There are many ways to celebrate and enjoy the Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington DC. Most people normally walk along Tidal Basin to get a decent and standard view of the cherry blossoms, but if you want to do something special then try to get a better and different view. You can try the guided blossom secrets stroll from Washington Walks or head to the Key bridge boathouse where you can get a three hour long boat ride and see the cherry blossoms.

If you like kite flying then that is something that you can also do on this merry day. The skies of the National Mall simply come alive on this day, there are many professional kiters who come and fly their kites with beauty and class. Amateurs are also welcome and invited to fly their set of kites.
When you enter the National Mall and take a small glance at the sky then you can easily notice that the sky is not clearly visible due to the fact that it is full of different kites of different colors.

It is a common norm nowadays that whenever you go to a festival or any other place to enjoy yourself then you always head to have dinner afterwards. If you like that idea then you will be happy to know that Washington DC is the home of some of the best dishes and cuisines in the world. You can enjoy traditional Japanese food there and while you are at it, you will notice that it is simply the best. The food there is completely worth your time, you can eat to your hearts content and enjoy a lovely time.

The blossoms are not the only thing to see on the Cherry Blossom Festival, if you are a person who likes art then you take out some time to visit the various art galleries in the city. There are many art exhibitions that are held in DC during the festival, so if you are an art lover then it is the place for you. During the festival, Tidal Basin is the place which attracts a large amount of crowds but there are more places to see as well. At the National Arboretum you can find a few Asian Gardens as well, it is here that the cherry blossoms trees are turned into a Bonsai collection, so that’s something that you can enjoy.

Celebrations are not over until you see the fireworks, no festival is a festival without fireworks and they are something that you will see a lot at the Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington DC. At theend of the day many people gather and enjoy fireworks, at this time cherry inspired food and beverages are also served.

These were some things that you should know about Cherry Blossom in Washington Dc. It is without any doubt one of the most enjoyable festivals in the world. So if you get a chance to go there then you should take it. Seeing the cherry blossoms bloom is simply a joy to the eye and heart, so you should not miss this exciting moment. The festival is only celebrated in Spring so make sure that the next time it is closing in; you have free time to spare.