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Boothbay Harbor – ME

Boothbay Harbor, ME is now referred to as ‘the soul of the coast, ‘ and the proud residents here gleam with pride of their seaside town that had beautiful snowy winters and bright summer colors. Boothbay Harbor has a kayaking destination and also a popular sailing place. There are seasonal festivals, delicious seafood and nature trails in plenty to explore. Kids will love to visit the lobster in 23 pounds, Fritz, at the Maine State Aquarium and the adults can spend quality time enjoying comedy shows or jazz concerts at the Opera House.

Initially, this area was where the English established their fishing camp seasonally, and this was very much a part of Cape Newagen. Henry Curtis, in 1666, bought this land from Sachem Mowhotiwormet, popular as Chief Robinhood, who lived in a place that is today referred to as Woolwich. This settlement was burned and attacked during King Philip’s War, and in a short time it resettled, but unfortunately, in 1689, it was destroyed again during King William’s War and was left abandoned for nearly 40 years.

Colonel David Dunbar, in 1730, was the then superintendent and governor of the Sagadahock Territory. He laid out a new town, and it was named after Viscount Townshend as Townsend. There were continuous predations during Indian and French Wars, many robberies taken place by marauding British Sailors during Revolutionary War. However, the settlement was triumphant with its deep, large and protected harbor.

In 1779, during the Penobscot Expedition, Townsend became a meeting point for the naval fleet of Americans before its disastrous encounter at Castine with the British.

In 1842, it was renamed Boothbay, and the harbor pursued flourishing as a fishing center. The beauty was even in bad weather condition, it could hold between 400 to 500 vessels at a time, and this was often the Friendship Sloops taking shelter. In the year 1881, it had a fish oil and fishery company, two marine railways, an ice company, a canning lobsters factory and a fertilizer manufacturer.

In 1889, February 16, from Boothbay, the community was set off and incorporated as the Boothbay Harbor town. This was the time when Frank L. Sample shipyard built for the United States Navy minesweepers at Boothbay Harbor during WWII.

There are some locations that were done with filming for the Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Carousel, the 1956 movie version ‘June is Bustin’ sequence. Each summer, there were big crowds of tourists drawn to Boothbay Harbor. The attractions included the art galleries, the aquarium, boat tours, restaurants and whale watching.

Basic Facts
The Boothbay Harbor Census showed on July 1, 2016, a population of 1,149. The primary Boothbay Harbor coordinate point is located at a latitude 43.8556 and longitude -69.6233 in the Lincoln County.

Activities and Attractions
Boothbay Harbor offers a relaxing vacation environment within a walking distance to local Boothbay Harbor that is one of the Maine attractions. It includes many activities such as shops, restaurants, art galleries, footbridge and the waterfront.

There are lots of things to do here that every vacationer is sure to enjoy visiting this place. It is ideal to plan ahead and consider the onsite concierge services that will help in planning your day. There is a bulletin board showing you the current activities, and this will help as a reference.

On the Water
There are plenty to enjoy on the water in Boothbay Harbor referred to as water fun.The best activities to enjoy are exciting boat ride that takes visitors around the harbor. A dozen boat excursions are departing at the hill bottom from the piers.

Visitors can rent a kayak and also explore the islands, harbor, and lighthouses, or even consider a guided boat tour.  Even seeing a traditional wooden sailing vessel from the coast is pleasing. The vessels namely, the Lazy Jack, Schooner Eastwind or the friendship sloop Bay Lady are the traditional sailing vessels.

Visitors can be a naturalist guide and begin searching for seals, whales, puffins, and more. There are more such that take a day trip to feast at New England Clambake for traditional food or visit magical Monhegan Island. Experience lobstering that is the timeless tradition in Maine. Not to miss is the Burnt Island Lighthouse, a summer schedule but the history living museum is worth visiting.

On Land
If you wish to keep your feet dry, there is no shortage of activities and entertainment in Boothbay Harbor to keep you engaged. Begin with visiting the 250-acre incredible Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens.

There are nature trails around 30 miles that are protected and preserved by Boothbay Region Land Trust. The Barrett Park is simply beautiful to walk over and to enjoy picnics or even to take a dip at the Linekin Bay head in the water.

Head to Ocean Point, enjoy walking along the sea wall and seize the views in your eyes. Stop for a treat at East Boothbay General Store. Visitors can learn at the Maine State Aquarium about ocean life or even go to listen to the Scientifique lectures at the weekly café sponsored by Bigelow Laboratory.

Antique car enthusiasts, history buffs, and railroad fans will enjoy Boothbay Railway Village. The Boothbay Harbor Country Club is worth visiting for its 18-hole championship course with on par challenging holes and its stunning vistas. There is YMCA for gym lovers, or even visitors can take part for a reasonable rate.

There are exciting shows and cultural activities at Boothbay Harbor, and this is apparent from the number of events, theaters and more to choose. The foremost not to miss is at the historic Opera House presenting unique venue. You may check the calendar for its events.

There is on-screen Harbor Theater offering a first-run movie. Check out for Carousel Music Theater or the summer theater show. On weekends, there is live music everywhere and in the summer nights.

Shop your handful
There is something for everyone to fall in love in the shops, boutiques, art galleries and merchants in Boothbay Harbor. There are lots to do in Maine, Boothbay and also to enjoy. Ice cream lovers are sure to fall in love here as ice cream is always found or even people can take a leisurely stroll and walk around the town.

There are lots to shop such as home décor, gifts, and coastal interiors art. You can find coastal inspired accessories with local artists and visit the Memorial Library’s used bookstore for relaxed reading. Frozen confections are available at the Ice Cream Factory and WannaWaf.  Enjoy unique treats at Orne’s Candy Store, Coastal Maine Popcorn, and Eventide Specialties.

Boothbay Harbor is a base to explore the midcoast region. So, plan to stay a while and do some great exploring. Day trip destinations are the Maine Maritime Museum and the Historic Bath.  The Reid State Park and Popham State Beach are to the Peninsulas south of Bath.

Incorporated in 1889, February 16, is Boothbay Harbor town in Lincoln County. Now the Boothbay Harbor is a major summer vacation place, and it has art galleries, restaurants, marinas, shops and plenty of recreational fishing opportunities.

Boothbay Harbor’s population surprisingly remains the same in the past thirty years from 1970 to 2000, and there was only a modest decrease in the year 2010. However, in summers, summer, tourists come in tens of thousands to roam the Harbor’s streets and frequent its tour boats and restaurants.